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Full text of "Wilmington High School Senior Class Yearbook"

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; '^".\i 




We all came 

from different backgrounds, 

with different ideas, 

and different goals in mind. 
We were united, 

as the class of 1913. 
We met many new friends, 

And together ' 

^ we went through four long 

years, in which we experienced 

many times of joy, 

as well as times of sorrow. 
It was also a time in which 

many things were changed, 
-J' or at least, revised. 
We planned and participated in 

dances, activities, and a few outings. 
They were long and eventful years, 

hut now that they have passed, 
. ^ they seemed so short. 

All that remains of them are memories. 
And these, are recorded here, 
in our Reflections of our years 
at Wilmington High. 

— anonymous member 

of class of 1973 — 






N ,r- ■' 







E^^^^^^^- |g»* 

»Mfig ,, 

; ■ ■ * - 

♦ , *','* 

Mounted memories,, ; ■;:;'^ :' / 

precious moments captured by a fleeting flash. , ; ' 

Gaze here on the brilliance of youth, i ;; ; - ^ 

Search here for the hope of the world, ';' ' 

Remember tbese as the trials and triiimphs that molded a generation, 
And feel the warmth, vitality^ and real beauty of life . . . 

*> it i'r 

' 1. 





.'H ••'■>■ 









I ^llll^l 


j||^H^n|yWBnm^^^; :|^B -^H 


Nanq?: "Alright you guys — get 


Michele: "Actually, I have no idea 

what's going on." 

Patti: "Hooray! We met the dead- 



Seated: Tri-editors; Nancy Ferguson, Michele Lombard, Patti Cavanaugh. 1st row: Laura 
Johnson, Jean Kovacs, Michele Gillis, Janis Halpin, Lisa Pelletier. 2nd row: Cindy 
Lamkin, Susanna Krey, Diane Rossi, Ruth Corum, Carrie Krasznekewicz, Linda Childs, 
Stanley Fielding. 3rd row: Joan Bellissimo, Wanda Jensen, Robin Jensen, Donna Dorval. 
Cindy Anderson, Debbie Romanski. 

Mr. Thomas Woodbury 

SNAFU — Situation normal, all fouled up! 

Thinking up a quote. 

tjrj«^.*ifcj.^^, 1^*1 

Table of Contents ' 










'-.».■''• *■ 

. :•- -V-t 

In quest of peace: 


Where there is hatred, let us sow love; 

where there is injury, pardon; 

where there is doubt, faith; 
where there is despair, hope; 

where there is darkness, light; 
and where there is sadness, joy. 

. . . that we may not so much seek to 
be consoled as to console; 
to be understood as to understand; 

to be loved as to love . . . 

From St, Francis of Assissi 

,* k.M^!. 

.'^' -., 


dedicate REFLECT! 


.-- - • ifi^stoiJ^ 

Ml ' . -.r . i-.-'v"«t. 

Mr. Walter H. Pierce 

Superintendent of Schools 

Mr. Derek R. Little 
Acting Superintendent of Schools 

Mr. John CrisafuUi 

Acting Central 

Office Administrator 

To the Class of 1973: 

You have achieved one of life's great milestones. A high school education 
has never been more important for the personal and economic development of our 
youth than it is today. 

The School Committee joins with me in congratulating you for your many 
accomplishments, and we specifically extend our best wishes to each of you for success 
and happiness in the years ahead. 

Derek R. Little 

Acting Superintendent of Schools 


Mr. James Demos, Mrs. Nancy Clark, Mr. John Brooks 

Mr. Richard Thackeray, Mrs. L. Barbara Hooper, Chairwoman. 
Missing is Miss Diana C. Imbimbo. 

t^ . ^ . ■ ■■•• 


Mr. Bernard P. McMahon, Principal 

Dr. Kevio Callahan, Guidance 

Mr. Harold F. Garrett, Assistant Principal 

Mr. George Cogan, Guidance 

Miss Nancy Abbood, Guidance 

Mr. Roger F. Breakey, Dean of Students 

Dr. James Stewart 

Administrator of Counseling Service 


Mr. John Lynch, AItf//& 
Coordinator of Student Activities 

Mr. John Hamilton, Guidance 

mi -*, 

Miss Marjorie Marshall, Guidance 

Mr. James Babcock, Math 

Mr. Carl Olsson, Social Studies 

Mr. Francis Kelley, Math 

Mr. John Krey, Science 

Mrs. George Webber, Business 


Mrs. Betsy Cronin, English 

Mrs. Barbara Mindell, English 

Mrs. Cecelia Lewis, Foreign Language 

Mr. Robert Dicey, Industrial Arts 

Mr. Robert Miliey, Math 


Mr. Daniel Greece, English 

Mr. Robert Malay, English 

Miss Marilem Soodla, Science 

Mr. Frank Lentine, Industrial Arts 


Mr. Matthew Joyce, English 

Miss Louise Bocchino, Foreign Language 

Mr. Roland Gonzalez, Foreign Language 

Miss Lydia Haitas, Foreign Language 



Miss Claire Kroll, Social Studies 

Mr. Thomas Woodbury, Math 

Sr ■".-*, 

i ,.\' 


Mr. John Hartnett, Science 

Miss Karen Hellmer, English 

Mrs. Suzanne Partlow 
Home Economics 

Mrs. Faye Page, English 

Miss Margaret Sullivan 

Miss Eileen Sullivan 

Home Economics 

Mr. Lawrence Maggio, Social Studies 

Mr. Richard Scanlon, Social Studies 

Mrs. Marlene Ross, Foreign Language 


Mr. Richard Fardy, Science 

Mrs. Joyce Aldrich, English 

Mrs. Kathleen Bell, Math 

Mrs. Marjorle Butler, Science 

Mrs. Nancy Brother, Reading 

Mr. Gennaro DiSarcina, Social Studies 

Mrs. Frances Boudreau, Business 

Mr. Lawrence DeGeorge, Industrial Arts 

Mr. James Damoulakis, Music 




Mr. John Murphy, Industrial Arts 


Mr. Richard Dulong, English 




"^* '^ ' "^^^^^^1 



k'^^B^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^K ' ^^1 





Mr. Alan Fessenden, Social Studies 

Mr. Roger Cote, Math 

Miss Sylvia Milanese, English 

Miss Mary Kennedy, English 

Mr. Gary Nelson, Math 


Mr. Alfred Hambelton, Industrial Arts 

Mrs. Leslie Basmajian, Social Studies 

Mrs. Mary Harvey, Business 

Miss Carol Chipman, English 

Mrs. Beverly Shea, English 

Mr. Charles Keller, Industrial Arts 

Mrs. Marcia Jordan, Art 




■-> > 

Mrs. Rosemarie Koure, English 

Mr. Timothy Hill, Math 

;--ii»*ii«*, ...„-"--— 


Miss Linda Jackson, Af«j« 

Mr. Mario Giordano, Foreign Language 


Mrs. Donna Belanger, Business 

Mr. Joseph Beaton, Social Studies 

Miss Nancy Falzano, Home Economics 

Miss Jean Longo, Business 

Mrs. Eva Kanchuga, Home Economics 

Mr. Charles Shiere, Business 

Vfrs. Catherine Symonds, English 

Mrs. Marilyn MacDonald, Business 

Dr. Jeanne Pederson, Science 

Mrs. Anne Hill, Art 



:■* .1 


Mr. John Ward, Music 

Miss Martha Land, Business 

Mrs. Gloria Bowles, Dietetics 

Mrs. Donna Gershon, Business 

Mr. Salvatore Albano, Special Education 

Mrs. Marjorie Ritvo, Reading 



Mrs. Sharon Hone, Foreign Language 

Physical Education: Mr. Robert Aylward, Miss Janet Cassidy, Miss Alice McCarthy and Mr. 
Frederick Bellissimo. 


Mr. Anthony DeLuca, Work Study 

Mr. Daniel Gillis, Special Physical Edu- 

Mr. Richard DeRosa, Chairman 
of Science Department 

Mr. Jerry A. Houghton, Business Manager 

Mrs. Virginia Erickson, Librarian 



SECRETARIES: Mrs. Winifred Barry, Mrs. Joanne 
Burke, and Mrs. Patricia Gearty. 

Mrs. Joan Bachman, School Nurse; Mrs. 
Eleanor Harvey, Dental Hygenist. 

Teacher aides: Mrs. Elsie Tsicouleas, Mrs. Jeannette Kelloway, Mrs. Francis 
Mazzola, Mrs. Margaret Duffy, Mrs. Barbara Cook. 

CUSTODIANS: Mr. Al Cariglio, Mr. James Downs. 



CAFETERIA WORKERS— 7j/ rou:- Priscilla Blomerth, Rosemarie Mac Donald, Helen Bright, 
Susan Harvey, Ann Giannati. 2nJ row: Mechelina Oatley, Irene Haley, Virginia Tyner, 
Ella Efraemson, Nora Branscombe, Claire d'Entremont, Ann Mirisola. 

wmmm men " 

"A most likeable person . . ." 

We, the Class of 1973, have chosen Mr. 
Scanlon as Teacher of the Year. We wish him 
the best in the future. 

most understanding . . ." 

". . . a great sense of humor." 


rt". < , 






, 1 

2* ♦! 

»> .IT X ■ " 








-" — " '"/^V '■'■'/' 

• --""I ' / /' j^- J^ 


V. . 




f m 

^^'''' ^^^ ''^'^flHHK''\^ 






Front: Pat Sullivan, Deb 
Scarano, Joanne Langone. 
Rear: Janice Gionetti, Debra 
Harrison, Bridgette Vanderly, 
Laurie Hancox, Debbie Ryan, 
Joanne Jacobs, Barbara Kelley. 


Front: Marcy Lester, Marie Fantasia. Rear: Margie Mallet, Margaret Forrest, Kathi 
















<• viy" 


" ^ '* (4*^ 





i. ^.*.l!i^V^ 







I4 |ft' 


* .«:U 

' s',,!** 


I I 


1%^^"''* . "^ ^^^v^ 


V -<-, 



1st row: Miss Hellmer, advisor. Rich Stratton, 
publisher. Donna Freeman, editor, Terri Jenkins, 
Joe Shibilia. 2nd row: Jean Kovacs, Tony Max- 
field, Mike Kaminski, Peter George, Paul Esie- 
lionis, Jim Stratton. Missing: Alan Vanderly, 
Cindy Swain. 

■■■" *;-■■. 


Left to right: Mrs. Jordan, advisor; Kathy Mor- 

risette, Mary Cote, Christine Barbas, Rebecca 

Suggs, Elissa Stira, Barbara Hillson. Missing: 

Bonnie Scheu, Silvia Barbos, Carol McLaren. 


Sitting: Patty Pilla, Valerie Finley, Janice Vengren, Donald O'Connor, George Mecurio, Carolyn 
Moore. Standing: Joy Walley, Dan Schwartz, George Hunt, Mark Madigan, Kathy McGinley, Joyce 
Vanderly, Mr. Scanlon, advisor, Margaret Mosca, Natalie Frederico, Peggy McGinley, Donna Mul- 
hoUand, Louise Benson, Margie Mallet, Sharon Zimmerman, Myra Tenhuson, Dr. Callahan. 


> ".. 










Boy Tony Maxfield 

Credeau Ed Whitaker 

Inez Janice Spada 

Estelle Kathy Shinners 



Herbert Andy Leyenaar 

Muriel Margaret Forrest 



King Peter George 

Queen Lorraine Spada 

Chancellor Gerard Cunningham 

Princess Camilla Carole- Anne Tyler 

Prince Simon Philip Morrisey 

Dulcibella Diane Dizacomo 

Carlo Charles Swain 

f f » » f 


Seated: Lynn Murphy, Joanne Brad- 
ley, Joan Deslongchamps, Sally 
Stone. 1st row: Cheryl Murphy, 
Karen Boeri, Susan Lowry, Donna 
MulhoUand, Karen MacEachern. 2nd 
row: Mrs. Gagnon, advisor; Jim 
Duffy, Mike Wolley, Steve Coursey, 
Ron Lawrenson, Bill Manning, Mary 
Ann King. Missing: Kathy Gilligan, 
Jean Novak, Lisa Branzetti, Martha 
Rounds, Seamus Berkeley. 













Seated: Larry Morin, Wayne 
Croswell. Standing: Greg Cool- 
idge, Steve Coursey, Bill Man- 
ning and Jim Stratton. 


Seated: Jim Stratton, Tod Little, Treas- 
urer; Mark Richards, Vice-President; 
Wayne Croswell, President; Mike 
Kaminski, Secretary. Standing: David 
Berry, Tony Maxfield, Ron Mills, David 
Mather, Don Albanese, Ralph Halpin, 
and Mr. Beaton, advisor. Missing: Kevin 
MuUarky, Dave Anderson, Philip Mor- 


: .;></> 


1st row: Paula Winters, Michele 
Lombard. 2nd row: Susanna Krey, 
Treasurer, Janis Halpin, President; 
Elaine Lyford, Vice President; Mari- 
jane Cunningham and Kathy 
Pavelcak, Secretaries; Wanda Jensen. 
5rd row: Janice Spada, Suzanne 
Doucette, Carole Anne Tyler, Tony 
Maxfield, Mark O'Hearne, Ralph 
Halpin, Willis Lyford, John Kamin- 
ski. Missing: Cindy Lamkin, Sharon 
FuUerton, Gerard Cunningham, Der- 
rick Guzelf, David Landry, Andy 


Sitting: David Passmore, Mr. Mi Hey, advisor. 
Standing: Judy Lefavour, Willis Lyford, David 
Salera, John Kaminski. Missing: Paul Green. 


1st roil': Frank Shukis, Cheryl 
Lawlcr, Margie Coulton, Mark 
Smith. 2nd row: Wanda Jensen, 
Janis Halpin, Jim Stratton, Suzanne 
Doucette, Elaine Lyford, Paula Win- 
ters. 3rd row: Mark Callahan, Mike 
Kaminski, Tony Maxfield, Michele 
Lombard, Mark O'Hearne, Willis 
Lyford, Kathy Pavelcak, Mrs. King, 
Advisor. Missing: Cindy Lamkin, 
Paul Green, Susan Lowry, William 
Noclke, Angela Valente. 



1st row: Sharon Foley, Carol Russo, 
Linda Denault. 2nd row: Cheryl Ben- 
tiet, Beth Krugaluk, Janet Liberacki, 
Gail Given, Christine Armstrong. 5rd 
row: Mrs. Bowles, teacher; Debra 
Fields, Peggy Schacht, Diane Gray, 
Marie Maxfield, Judee Gordon, Lori 
Justice. Missing: Barbara and Karen 
Graves, Marsha Leech, Beth Wescott. 


1st row: Mary Eckberg, Debbie Harkins, Karen 
Barrasa. 2nd row: Nancy Myers, Gloria Ferraguto, 
Sharon Haynes, Donna Plummer, Mrs. Gershon, 





1st row: Pat Pintrich, Paul Esielionis, 
Jeanne Cleary, Gary Smith. 2nd row: 
Roberta Pilcher, Janis Halpin, Susanna 
Krey, President; Michele Lombard, Vice- 
President; Jean Kovacs, Secretary; 
Nancy Ferguson, Treasurer; Cindy Lam- 
kin, Joan Bellissimo, Miss KroU, ad- 
visor. 3rd row: Mark Richards, Greg 
Coolidge, Beth Higley, Wanda Jensen, 
Martha Rounds, Steve Coursey, Bill 
Manning, Cindy Swain. 4th row: Donna 
Freeman, Jim Stratton, Deborah Roman- 


1st row: Mike Falzone, Christine Emery, Beth 
Higley, Jeanne Cleary. 2nd row: Wayne Cros- 
well, Treasurer; Susan Peabody, Secretary; 
Harvey Baldwin, President; Ann London, Vice- 
President; Mr. McDermott, advisor. 3rd row: 
Ed Adams, Kathy Brady, Karen McVicker, 
Mary Markey, Kathy Gilligan, Robin Land, 
Carol Morin, David Mather. Missing: Chris- 
tine Barbas. 


^ash, Mr. DcRosa. 2nd Row: y 
Croswell, Dr. Callahan, Father Parker, 
Coursey, Mrs. Wolff, Father Drennan 
Maggio. 3rd Row: Dr. Peterson, Mr. Ji 









Mary Anne Sullivan, President; Sally Irwin, Vice-President; Donna Knickle, Treasurer; Karen 
McVicker, Secretary. 

Cindy Laquidara, Treasurer; Paula Kavanaugh, Secretary; Lori McNabb, Vice- 
President; Donia McMillan, President. 

Janice Gennetti, Treasurer; Jay Garden, Vice-Presi- 
dent; Gail Irwin, President; Joanne Langone, Secre- 














^ f' .m^ ->_<■—"■ 




r.«ikv 'fl9kJ ^^^^^S_^|l 










"You mean they're not hard-boiled?!" 



And the band played on . . . 



Now that's a slow pitch! 

Relaxing on the hillside 


Enough of the pictures, let's get going! 

Seein' the sights . . 

Oh, really now! 




Don't cry Ma, we'll 
be good. 

There's something about that French wine .... 

And we thought WHS was a dump 
(French school at Avalon) 

Reims Cathedral. Wow! 







Be prepared. . . to get squashed. 

Wilmington could really use one 

of these. 

APRIL 16-24 

* ■ « 

Wonder if we're really lost! 


A fancy French radio 

Aw. We have to go 
home already? 

What's that after shave you're wear- 





■•^■■\^. '.-i':^ 

-/«»: ■■«. ■ 





..? :B^ - 

^m / MB 

:<: r. \ 

■,*i '■'.' -■. 

.; '<■: 

-■ 'a 

. ;•(• 



^ " f ■ 

'' " ';■ 


!' ■' '•*^'.'' ■■ 

i'-o ^' 

-\\ :■;.* 







-y.: '.it ■•;/ ' Xii; 


• ^■ 

Tri-captains Campbell, Olson and Jansen. 

Hey! I'm supposed to be quarterback! 

M V C Champs 

Row 1 : Wayne MacDonald, Richard Barry, Jack Virtus, Leo Campbell, Alan Jansen, Paul Olson, 
Steve Coursey, Bruce McMillan, Jim McNally, Artie Gilbert, row 2: Coach Bellissimo, Bob Ba- 
vota, Paul Fitch, Jack HoUoway, Bob Scarano, Dean Devlin, Dana Daniell, Doug Stewart, Tom 
Woods, Joe Lunetta. row 3 : Mike Falzone, Lynn Rinker, Brian Davey, Ralph Peterson, David 
Anderson, Ralph Dalton, Bob Stewart, Bob Ried, Coach Richie, row 4: Eddie Adams, Don Chur- 
chill, Frank DiPiano, Kenny Kumm, Steve Olson, Bob Dorval, John Quinno, Larry McGrath, 
Coach Aylward. 

Under the watchful eye . 

One of many 







w^t-i ^ 



hi 'V 



Co-Captains Jeanne Cleary and Sally Maclver, Sheila 
Cavanaugh, Robin Jensen, Andrea Silverman, Bonnie 
Zaverson, Meryl Clark, Cathy Hewlett, Donna Mul- 
lens, Lynn Murphy, Jean Novak, Wendy Wiberg, 
Paula Kavanaugh. 


Hail! Hail! The gang's all here! 

I'll huflF and I'll puflF and I'll blow you all 

so close yet so far away 


The winning combination 

Hey! Did you hear my name in the line-up? 

Can you get any better? 

Wildcats vs Andover Wildcats vs Burh'ngton 

Wildcats vs Pentucket 

Wildcats vs Methuen 

Wildcats vs Dracut 


Wildcats vs Chelmsford 

Wildcats vs N. Reading 

Wildcats vs Billerica 


Wildcats vs Tewksbury 

and many more 



■ c 




r\ ■( 

1st row. Bob Doyle, Ken Morrison, Chet Hall, Alan MacDonald. 2nd 
row: Alan Jansen, Jack Holloway, Paul Olson, Coach Gillis. Missing: 
Bob Scarano, Leo Campbell, Tony Whodawitz, Dan Schwartz. 




1st row: Doug Spring, Ian Maclnnis, Chris Nee, Carl Abel, 
(Capt.) Bob Connors, Richard Cram, Larry Singelais, James 
Murphy, Steve Gustus, Ed Maloney, Wayne Kirby, Ralph 
.Halpin, Pete McNaughton. 2nd row: Coach Kelley, Dave 
Cain, Frank Shukis, Mark Coursey, Michael Kelley, Mickey 
Grant, Brian Callahan, John McNaughton, Tommy Moran, 

Barry Foster, Daniel Spear, Wesley Moore, John Trickett, 

Frank McLean, Carl Singelais (manager). 3rd row: Mike 
Tyner, Darryl O'Malley, Paul Reed, Brian Phillips, Steve 
LeFavour, Lenny Dailey, Peter Jensen, Donald Capone, 
Richard McCuUy, Paul Bradley, Joe Leary, John Boudreau. 




"Sure, Coach! " 

Up and Over 

t • 

Another Headache 

Ralph on the Warpath 

Kicking the Iso-decahedron 


', > 




Kneeling: Wayne Croswell, assistant captain; Bob Swisher, Ralph Decker, Tom Aprile, Tri-captains. 
1st row: Doug Harrison, Rick Spinney, Tim Swisher, Danny Moore, Phil Kritter, John Kaminski, 
Bruce McDonald, Chuck Wood, Bobby Pidgeon, Buce Terricone, Ron Lawenson, Dave Maloney, 
Keith Roueche, Danny Burns, Rick Virtus, Ed Tweedy, Peter Kritter. 2nd row: Barry Aruda, Mark 
Kalkanajian, Rick DeVeau, Chris DeCecca, Roy Meyer, Rick Diehl, Mark Yankowski, Mike Walsh, 
Steve Winston, Gary Smith, Howie Coombs, Fred Perry, Paul Morrasco. 





Kneeling: Linda McVicker, Carlene Butler, Joan Bellissimo, Pat Pintrich, Jay Garden. 1st row: 
Sandi McNevin, MaryAnn Langone Gail Irwin, Dianne Rossi, Tammy Oliveira, Nancy Ferguson, 
Coach Cassidy. 2nd row: Doria McMillan, Lori McNabb, Berti Pilcher, Cheryl Murphy, Karen 
Boeri, Martha Rounds. 


T,xM- ..— «. ,^>'<i«- *' 

"Sticks down!" 

"Pintrich Power" 


>■' ^t-'-;-V !.1a;*. ftUjf.> m;\p^' ^*-i ' 

Karen breaks away 


J '■il:i'--«'-'' 

"I got my bench pal. You got yours?" 

"Ooops! Missed him again!" 

O.K. now, no ruff stuff." 







■■m^ - :.•'• 


Kneeling: Coach DiSarcina, Gary Smith, co-capt. L to R: Wayne Croswell, Doug Stewart, Phil 
Morrisey, Bill Eckberg, Tom Woods, Steve Daniell, Bob Stewart, Jim Stratton, Manager. Miss- 
ing: Mark Nelson, co-capt.; Ray Noel. 


1st row: Cathy Towle, Marie Fantasia, Elaine Rose; capt., Cindy Aruda, Betsy Castello. 2nd row: 
Rosie Wallent, Karen MacEachern, Donna Knickle, Cheryl Tomasi, Patti Bransfield, Joan McGee. 
3rd row: Terri Schultz; capt., Diane Shukis, Maryann Gigliotti. Missing: Julie Briggs. 




Seated: Jeanne Cleary, capt; Joan Bellissimo, co-capt. /// row: Carlene Butler, Mary Ann Lan- 
gone, Kathy Sullivan, Michele Lombard, Ann Mackey, Janice Genetti. 2nd row: Coach Dadoly, 
Tammy Oliveira, Doria McMillan, Pat Pintrich, Paula Kavanaugh. 

it? > li 



"Coach Dadoly had a team . . ." 

What form (?)! 


Captain Jeanne 
Cleary (left) and 
Co-captain Joan 
Bellissimo (right). 

!■ *>-. '' 

A bit of team strategy 

Happiness is winning by one point! 


ls( row: Paul Fitch, Dana Mullarky, 
Danny Bicknell, Chris Hinxman, Jim 
Connors, Tommy McNamara, Brian 
Phillips, Kevin Tighe. 2ni row. 
Coach Al Fessenden, Mike Connelly, 
Wayne Kirby, John Harrison, Frank 
McLean, Jim Sugrue, Russ Meyers, 
Chucky Duggan, Dan Burns, Tom 
Bromander, John Trickett, Assistant 
Coach Peter Emery. 

Photo by Merrimac Valley Advertiser 


y^' ♦ 

The one that got away. 

\ » 




Sat* tiL^ 

Dean does it again! 

Hockey's Mastermind. 



5^ ;*^'j^v 

■< % vc-c 





ij/ roti'.' Peter Brown, Lenny Daley, Ian Maclnnis, Keith Rouche, Chris 
DiCecca, Capt. Jim Murphy, Capt. Rick Barry, Frank Shukis, Gary 
McRae, Manager Darryl O'Malley, Eddie Adams, Joe Shibilia. 2nd row: 
Peter McNaughton, Tom Aprile, Paul Sferrazza, Carl Abell, Tim Nee, 
Dave Spring, Don Capone, Peter Capone, Mark Blaisdell, Chris Nee, 


Charlie Zaverson, Ralph Halpin, Manager Bob Sferrazza, Wes Moore. 
3rd row: Coach Kelley, Steve Coursey, Joe Leary, Bob Nicholas, Rick 
McCuUy, Jack Virtus, Steve Gustus, Mike Tyner, Mike Barcellos, Steve 
Napolitano, Bob Reid. Missing: Bob Scarano, Doug Spring, Jim Busby, 
Bruce Bishop, Dave Churchill. 

■tst ».»,«.«-. ».f-'^iiAJif*.;*ai| 


. . the ultimate in concentration. 


It seems to me a crime that we should age; 
These fragile times should never slip us by. 
A time you never can or shall erase; 
As' friends together watch their childhood fly 



wm :;■"* 














I ■:'^m '■ 






( '#%• 


i/ • 




m^ ... 


















A^. ,,^^ ^^: , 



^^ ^^^^ff^^k 





■ • ^'^7 ^jSIp!^ 



■ '^k. 




^ ^:';:^ylH 




IRi! ■'/ ■■'!;' 


• M 


: (-'^, 

W m. 

"»«„„ '•'■■ ■■'<' 




*> I 

4m^ \ 







> »!:iMt!. 

.«■# -.^^ 



K^ * ^, 




' TSSsss^^ 1 














^W ' ^K ^^ ^ 




11 1' 

1^! ^ 










tt; every monflo 



Bring Your Own (oiita 











I.M ' 












-: ^ 


1 - 


i^H ' 33fc ^ ' n^ 


mmr ^ ^^ 





; ; .-.^ju^ki / ICfW^ ^A^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^l 

' ^^^^H" 

^^^Hr 'v.jr 9I 

! S^ 

^■ui ^'^ 



^jK^^^^ ..l^^ftfcs 


In September, 1969, it was new to all of us; four years 
later it was all rather routine. But in the middle there was 
a lot of growing and working and succeeding and failing 
to be done, both for our class and for our Class Advisor, 
Mr. Carl Olsson. A Class Advisor is an underpaid and 
overworked teacher who agrees to help direct a class be- 
cause of his concern for the students of that class. Mr. 
Olsson fits this criterion. His tireless work on such projects 
as the J.V. Show, Senior Class Play, and on all our patrons 
drives have been instrumental to the success of these pro- 
jects. His concern has been felt by all who have come into 
contact with him. So to our Class Advisor, Carl Olsson, we 
extend our sincere and heartfelt thanks and best wishes. 


1st row: Joanne Bradley, Andrea Silverman, Ann 
London. 2nd row: Jim Stratton, Steve Coursey, 
Leo Campbell, Wayne Croswell. 





Paul Olson 

Vice President 
Karen Boeri 

Dan Bicknell 

Robin Jensen 


, 'VV■ 


' "■«!■■ 

: %'y. ..-» V*.- 



m;^^^y^:' '■ 













YouVe A Good Man, Charlie Brown 








1 ^^H^mjH 



Ht^'''\m m^^i 

■■■■'''■. , J 




Lucy van Pelt Paula Winters 

Charlie Brown Peter George 

Patty Lisa Pelletier 

Linus van Pelt Jimmy Stratton 

Shroeder Paul Green 

Snoopy Ed Whittaker 

Director Miss Carol Chipman 

Assistant Director Debby Romanski 

"Pleasant day . . ." 

"and I'll wear my crown in swimming 
and everything! " 

"There is no team. . ." 

"It's awfully hard to breath in here." 

"My blanket and me! ' 

"Don't lean on my piano!' 





^ iwP 

"Homework?! — yuck! . . ." 

"I wonder if it will snow tonight?" 

"And the championship is ours!" 

'In examining a work such as Peter 
Elabbit . . ." 

"The curse of a fuzzy face! ' 

"You're a good man, Charlie Brown." 

I would've made a terrific trophy." 

I °^ 

"Oh, it's suppertime 

"Adagio con brio." 






■ >■«:"' 







-* :>* £' 


1st page 

2nd page 


michele lombard 


karen oteri 


martha poloian 


debbie harrison 


deb romanski 


June pidgeon 


sandy waurzynski 


denise larivee 


wanda Jensen 


bobbi delrossi 


lisa pelletier 


elaine rose 


linda mcvicker 


roberta pilcher 


terry krasinski 


bonnie Campbell 


dave barrett 


Joanne bradley 


susan downs 


barbara hillson 


jim mcnally 


ann london 


margaret markey 


brenda booth 


Virginia ellis 


barry garden 


pat poloian 


mary barry 


pauI olson 


bonnie zaverson 


cindy lamkin 


donna dorval 


leo Campbell 


janis halpin 


linda childs 


pat smith 


nancy dukeman 


Janice downey 


nancy hall 


ralph decker 


diane fugere 


carol mcgondel 


ralph halpin 

1. rick saulnier 

2. Steve coursey 

3. mark nelson 

4. ada lippiello 

5. sharon haynes 

6. bruce mcmillan 

7. barbara clapp 

8. barbara graves 

9. barbara maynard 

10. debbie scarano 

11. chickie sarchione 

12. Janice mcginley 

13. Janet dibella 

14. frank giannotti 

15. Steve silva 

16. alice pratt 

17. wayne croswell 

18. jean birkenbach 

19. donna williams 

20. karen knight 

21. glenis ronan 

22. Joanne Jacobs 

23. lauren hancocks 

24. carol russo 

25. Suzanne doucette 

26. janis rando 

27. prisciUa bedell 

28. mike walsh 

29. mike woUey 

30. Joyce hudgins 

31. larry morin 

32. beth higley 

33. debby shukis 

34. Stanley fielding 

35. diane rossi 

36. karen kohler 

37. susan davey 



Mr. &MissW.H.S. 

Harvey Baldwin, Jeanne Cleary 

Best Dressed 

Janet DiBella, Larry Morin 


Class Clowns 

Alice Pratt 
Bruce McMillan 


Most Bashful 

Wanda Jensen, Gary Smith 

Most Likely to Succeed 

Michele Lombard, Steve Coursey 

Class Actress and Actor 
Paula Winters, Ed Whittaker 

Most Studious 

Susanna Krey, Jim Stratton 

Class Philosopher 

Alan Vanderley 

Class Pals 
Karen Boeri, Mike Wolley 


Class Philosopher 

Patti Cavanaugh 

Class Musicans 
Mary Lou Kazmaier, Peter George 



Class Sweethearts 
Tom Szadis, Karen Knight 

Class Artists 
Sharon Dukus, Dave Barrett 

Most Athletic 

Joan Bellissimo, Tom Aprile 

Class Flirts 
Mark Richards, Debbie Shukis 

Prettiest Smile 

Sheila Cavanaugh, Mike Sugrue 

f f^TTTTIi 

Most Respected 

Martha Rounds, Steve Coursey 


Cathy McPhee, Sean Smith 

Class Conmen 

Fred Johnson, Liane Harvey 

Most Talkative 
Ralph Halpin, Mary Barry 

Best Figure, Best Build 

Sally Maclver, Paul Olson 


Jack Virtus, Martha Poloian 

Most Versatile 

Karen Boeri, Steve Coursey 

Class Brownie 

Wayne Croswell, Andrea Silverman 


Most Talented 

Ann London, Kevin Mullarky 



1 1 1 i 








' -^ 

In Memory of 
Barry Phillips 

These are yesterdays wanderings, 
fragile moments of magic from an older time . 
of a smile reflecting the sun and the seasons, 
and a warmth that's contagious even still . . . 


Donald Albanese 

ACTIVITIES: Color Guard 2, 3; Psychic 
Phenomena 3; Kiwanis Club 4. TO 
REMEMBER: The water fights we had 
in Miss Soodla's chem. class. TO FOR- 
College and computer analysis. 

Debra Allen 

ACTIVITIES: Tennis 2, 3, 4; German 
Club 3, Vice-Pres. 4; Drama Club 1, 2; 
Student Government Day Supt. of 
Schools 3. TO REMEMBER: My Ger- 
man classes, Bio. II classes, cramming 
for SAT'S, Hoffbraw Haus in Munich, 
Olympics. TO FORGET: Mr. K's yel- 
ling in the halls; trying to find a seat 
at lunch, Haus International in Munich. 
FUTURE PLANS: To become a lawyer, 
to travel. 

Linda S. Allison 
ACTIVITIES: Band 1, 2; Riding Club 
2. TO REMEMBER: The first week in 
school after the dress code was abolished. 
TO FORGET: The bomb scares in the 
10th grade. FUTURE PLANS: Get mar- 
ried and move to Southern California. 

Christine Altott 

ACTIVITIES: School Newspaper 1, 2, 
3; Marching Band 1, 2, 3; Concert Band 

1, 2, 3; Yearbook 2, 3; Student Council 

2, 3; School & Community Service. 
FUTURE PLANS: I plan to enter 
nursing, and specialize in Pediatrics. 

Cynthia Anderson 


ACTIVITIES: Ski Club 2, 3, 4; J.V. 
Show, Yearbook, Patron's Drive 3, 4. 
TO REMEMBER: The good ski trips, 
going outside to have a cigarette, the 
hockey and football games, trips to 
New York and New Hampshire. TO 
FORGET: The ski trip at Okemo, work, 
teachers and students who thought they 
were great. FUTURE PLANS: Take a 
long trip; to be happy with my friends, 
to be myself and be happy. 




Denis Anderson 

TO REMEMBER: Mr. Scanlon's human 
behavior class and Mrs. Aldrich's Eng- 
lish class. TO FORGET: 1 would like 
to forget Mr. Babcock's geometry class. 
FUTURE PLANS: I plan to have a 
manager's job and later go into the 


■.mY^j»»'» mM% frT 


Susan T. Anderson 

ACTIVITIES: Basketball cheerleading 
2; Arts and Crafts 3; Decorations 4. TO 
REMEMBER: January 72, Bell Isle, ski- 
ing and falling, Dave, Mac's, stalling, 
1st strike, V. C. & B. R. TO FORGET: 
Snow bank, my birthday party '71, the 
race at noon, Dumpy D's, black-eye, sis. 
FUTURE PLANS: Marrying eventually, 
having a family and just being happy in 
whatever I do. 

^ . Jir:*'^^. 

Janine Anderton 

ACTIVITIES: Patron's Drive 3; Senior 
Class Play 4; J.V. Show 3; Future 
Teachers 3, 4. TO REMEMBER: Junior 
skip day to Wingersheek, driftwood, 
summer parties, B. B.'s, #26, peanut 
butter, Swain School (summer pro- 
gram). Bob S., and Bob S., Mary O., 
Andover Square. TO FORGET: Teach- 
ers, study halls, and lunch ladies, R. S., 
Andover. FUTURE PLANS: Would like 
to go into Occupational Therapy or Art. 

Thomas Aprile 

Fred, Chocktaw 
ACTIVITIES: Freshman Football 1- 
Soccer 2, 3, capt. 4; Winter Track 1 4- 
Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Ski Club 1 2 TO 
REMEMBER: Winning the soccer 
championship and hitting the crossbar. 
TO FORGET: Three wasted years with- 
out J. C. FUTURE PLANS: To become 
a C.P.A. 

Pauline Baker 

ACTIVITIES: Concert Choir 2; Color 
Guard 3; Girls Track 3; A.F.S. 1. TO 
REMEMBER: 109 freshman year, and 
the tennis court with B. R., V. C, 
R. W., C. C, and L. S., Porky chops, 
field day. TO FORGET: The tennis 
court, Spanish II with Mr. G. FUTURE 
PLANS: To go to college, become a 
nurse, and have a happy life. 

Keith Baldwin 


ACTIVITIES: Class Treas. 1; Football 
1; Student Council Pres. 3, 4; Student 
Government-Student School Committee 
2, 3; student member of the School 
Committee 4; J.V. Show 3. TO RE- 
MEMBER: Bomb scares, working for 
J. K., J.V. Show, Willis House, The 
Hill and the frogs, Camping on the 
"Kank", C.A.R., Rocco's. TO FORGET: 
The last 4 years of my life, English 12 
with Ms. A, SAT scores. FUTURE 
PLANS: Political science major. 

David Barrett 

ACTIVITIES: Chess Club 2, 3; Cross 
Country 1, 2. TO REMEMBER: Count- 
ing C. K. say O.K. 148 times in one 
period, never getting caught for any- 
thing at WHS, Janice. TO FORGET: 
Barney not letting me out of French 
II, and then flunking it. FUTURE 
PLANS: To find happiness and achieve 
whatever goals I may set for myself. 




Mary E. Barry 

ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey 1, 2, 3; 
Home Ec. Club 2; J.V. Show; Patrons 
Drive; Yearbook. TO REMEMBER: 
Hampton, football games in '71-72 
season, Billy, Maureen, my parties, J.V. 
Show, R. v., Dianne, Beth, Debbie, 
Donna, Gloria, sleeping in the Garden, 
Sean, Riki, Christmas of '72, ski trips, 
W.A.L.T. TO FORGET: Pier Six, 
Sally's Boarding House, Spacey, being a 
freshman, "taking the shower", Chico. 
FUTURE PLANS: To be a space secre- 
tary, travel and go to Hampton again. 


Richard M. Barry 


ACTIVITIES: Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 
1, 2, 3, 4; Spring Track 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Winter Track 1, 2, 3, Co-Captain 4. 
TO REMEMBER: Undefeated football 
teams in '69 (Fresh), '70 (Varsity), '71 
(J.V.'s), Cabin 3 raids at football camp, 
C.Y.O. ski trip '72, 600 against Chelms, 
small cafe. TO FORGET: Football 
camp, football practice, 660's, losing to 
Dracut, Chelms, hurdles, boring teach- 
ers. Band. FUTURE PLANS; Go to 
college, probably teach. 

Priscilla J. Bedell 

Joan Bellissimo 

ACTIVITIES: Field hockey 1, 2, 3, 
Capt. 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, Co-Capt. 4; 
Softball 1, Co-Capt. 2, Capt. 3, 4; Ski 
Club 2, 3, Treas. 4; J.V. Show; Year 
Book; NHS 4. TO REMEMBER: Doc's 
place, G. S., #4, a testimonial, M. V. C, 
Fred and Dot, Doug, The Owl, S, Lee, 
Paul, weekend at Diane's, Fritz, 15<f, 
Linda, H. B., Cit, Scoop, "Bulldog", 
'■Are you 21?". TO FORGET: Mono, 
losing to Tewksbury, 8/25/71, a Swiss 
Jon, French 2. FUTURE PLANS: Que 
sera, sera! 

Louise M. Benson 

ACTIVITIES: Ecology 3, President 4; 
Executive Staff 4. TO REMEMBER: Mr. 
Lentine's graphic arts class, transferring 
from Melrose High in my jr. year, 
T.G.I. F. TO FORGET: French 3. 
FUTURE PLANS: College and to be- 
come a kindergarten teacher 


% «^ •^•■LrS jU»™, 

William Bickmore 

ACTIVITIES: Spring Track 2; Ski Club 
2. TO REMEMBER: Suzuki 90, sugar- 
loaf, bread, D. M. 350, good times in 
N. H., R. C, C. M., Uncle M., Bob's 
class, J. C, A. U., M. G. Kelley. TO 
FORGET: Suzuki, Uncle M., DeMoulas 
in the rain radiator, homework. FU- 
TURE PLANS: College and nowhere. 



Danny Bicknell 

ACTIVITIES: Hockey 2, 3, 4; Football 
2; Class President 4; Patrons Drive 3, 
4. TO REMEMBER: J.V. Show, tracks, 
kidnapped by A. A. and S. M., party 
time, New Years "72", Florida 71, 
Buckeye, Fagot. TO FORGET: School 
lunches, gym classes 1st, Spanish I, 
Junior Class Outing, dropping tray at 
lunch, (71, 72-4 pts.) FUTURE PLANS: 
Get rich, get married, have kids. 

Jeanne Birkenback 

Jeanie or "Mickey" 

ACTIVITIES: Concert Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; 
J.V. Show 3; Senior Class Play. TO 
REMEMBER: Summer of '72, summer 
parties, locker fights, diet lunch table, 
Kitty's, "Adagio con brio," cast party, 
Friendly's— the Plaza.' TO FORGET: 
Mr. Kelly's warmups, "the ink-bottle," 
Herman, dreams, "Walkie talkie," 
"Tricky Dicky." FUTURE PLANS: To 
go to Europe, become a R.N. 

Judy Blair 

ACTIVITIES: Future teachers 2, 3; 
Embroidery 4; Creative Expression 3. 
TO REMEMBER: Overcrowded classes 
and corridors. TO FORGET: Mrs. Ross, 
Miss Dadoly, walking through the 
woods from the parking lot. FUTURE 
PLANS: Career in fashion merchandiz- 

Karen Boeri 

Bo, Bobo 

ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Softball 1, 2, 3; Class vice-president 3, 
4; J.V. Show 3; Patrons Drive 3, 4; 
Peer Group 3, 4. TO REMEMBER: 
J.V. Show, ski trips, soph., D. P., P-4, 
hanging the sign, soph, year, all the 
parties — SM's, hanging around, F. M.'s 
Scbago 15, 100 mis.. Red Sox, Skipday, 
slcepout, the unforgctablcs. TO FOR- 
GET: Those backstabbcrs. Junior out- 
ing, FUTURE PLANS: Helping others, 
going into special education. 

Brenda Booth 

"Brendie" "Beeper" 
ACTIVITIES: Arts and Crafts Club 3; 
Crochet Club 4. TO REMEMBER: Sum- 
mer of "72", summer parties, trips to 
MacDonalds, Dunkin' Donuts, Silver 
Lake, the Gang, friendly notes. TO 
FORGET: Gym classes, falling down 
cafe stairs, first day of school freshman 
year. FUTURE PLANS: Business col- 
lege, become an executive secretary. 

Joanne Bradley 


ACTIVITIES: Executive Board 3, 4; 
Peer Group 4; Patrons Drive 3, 4; J.V. 
Show 3; Field Hockey 2. TO REMEM- 
BER: J.V. Show, field day, common '71, 
Skip day, D. B., ski trips, Debago '71, 
'72, all the parties csp. S. M.'s, D. P.'s 
munchics, Tull, F. M.'s Thanksgiving, 
tracks, hockey games, all the good times 
with all my buddies, hangin' around, 
Hampton, soph. year. TO FORGET: 
Phonies, backstabbers, "my supposed 
friends" 109, prim and propers, junior 
trip, hypocrites, 8/26, 12/18. FUTURE 
PLANS: Get a job, get married some- 
day and become loaded. 


James Bransfield 


ACTIVITIES: J.V. Hockey 1, 2; Spring 
Track 2; Ping Pong Club 2, 3. TO 
REMEMBER: hockey, 2:15 bell, school 
dances, being straight, Bookkeeping II, 
running to lunch, gym classes. TO 
FORGET: long lunch lines, chem lab, 
homerow, study halls, French, college 
tests, cafe ladies, bad jokes. FUTURE 
PLANS: Going on to college to study 

Bonnie Campbell 

ACTIVITIES: Gymnastics 1; Art and 
Crafts 3; Pottery 4; Business Club 2. 
TO REMEMBER: Jeryl's 3 week party, 
Feb. vacation' '72, Jeanne and the pencil 
in Gen. Bus. class, donuts at the laun- 
dromat first period. TO FORGET: The 
time I lost it. Steno II. FUTURE 
PLANS: Take life one day at a time. 

Robert Brennan 

Kathie Cain 

ACTIVITIES: Gymnastics 2; Skipping 
Dietetics 2, 3. TO REMEMBER: Friday 
nights at Cote's, good times with D. I. 
and E. E., 12/17/71 at Ballardvale, 
S. P., M. C, E. W., 12/22/70, 
12/31/70 and 71, Junior Skip day, 
1971 Prom, Bomb scares 70 and 71, 
skipping dietetics with J. C. TO FOR- 
GET: Being given my rights for a 
Mister Meanor of "Writing on Rocks" 
with spray paint in N.H. summer of 
'71, then ending up washing the rocks! 
FUTURE PLANS: Getting married to 
S. P. 6/23/73, getting a nice home, and 
having a beautiful future. 

Leo Campbell 

ACTIVITIES: Football 1, 2, 3, tri-cap. 
4; Track 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1; Wrestling 
2; Executive Board 3, 4; J.V. Show 3; 
Patron's Drive 3, 4. TO REMEMBER: 
Mytron, good nights down the tracks, 
J.V. Show, skip day, skiing trips, D. P.'s, 
sleep-out. Valley News. TO FOR- 
GET: Getting caught skipping by C. C, 
Noah's Ark in J.V. Show, football 
camp all 3 years. FUTURE PLANS: 
Join A. A., find a college. 

Ed Carrasco 

ACTIVITIES: Spring track 2, 3, 4; 
Cross Country 3; Winter track 4; Wres- 
tling 3. TO REMEMBER: Baby Huey 
and his best friend Puka, big card games 
in the parking lot, the tracks. TO FOR- 
GET: This school, the nice lunches, 
Cueball, being bent into a pretzel in 
wrestling. FUTURE PLANS: To be a 
success in whatever I do. 



^.vi'V'*,^ "''•■■ 

Gary Carter 

BER: Soodla's Sandbox, having to 
break in the new teachers that think 
they're going to be strict. TO FORGET: 
Corridor Patrol, lunch ladies standing 
around watching you eat. FUTURE 
PLANS: Law Enforcement. 

Valerie Case 


ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey 1; Softball 
1, 2, 3; Ski Club V.P. 3, Pres. 4; J.V. 
Show. TO REMEMBER: Frosty, Crush- 
er, B. R. and J. R., Luv-a-mugs, S. A., 
Mr. H. and Mr. C, Tom C, Tango, 
T-Bird, Tacos, Ski trips, "The Book 
Case", Avoriaz. TO FORGET: Hotdogs, 
Waterbuffalo, yellow Camaro, Ripple, 
tennis court, elections '72'. FUTURE 
PLANS: To Live. 

Robert Catalano 


TO REMEMBER: 67 Cada, Wanda, 
bomb scares, lunches. Industrial Design, 
football camp, Rufus, field days. TO 
FORGET: Gym, bore of Design II, 
certain girls, Spanish II, May 13. FU- 
TURE PLANS: Get married and go 
far in life and have a big house of my 

Patricia Cavanaugh 

ACTIVITIES: Ring Comm. 2; Travel 
Comm. 3; Patron's Drive 3; J.V. Show 
3; Ski Club 4; Tri-editor of yearbook 4. 
TO REMEMBER: S.S.N.B.F., "Are you 
21?" weekend at Diane's, J.V. Show, 
F-mobile, stone wall, playground, H. B., 
flowers, rolling wheels, surfboard, the 
group, my invitation, bananas. TO FOR- 
GET: Little Boy Blue, T. P.'s, The day 
the Red Sea opened. FUTURE PLANS: 
To become a kindergarten teacher. 

Sheila Rose Cavanaugh 

ACTIVITIES: Football cheerleader 3, 4; 
Yearbook 4; TO REMEMBER: Bruce, 
Nazareth, Nancy, yo and Latin, Junior 
year, 8th grade, singing cakes and hol- 
cum, Mi Esposo, cheering, painting, 
pictures, dreams and moodies with 
Claire, Robin, Mac trucks, big's and fat 
cows, "look at your eyes", thanksgivings, 
the 'dina's, the gum man. TO FORGET: 
a. r. and m., an invisible coach, biz, 
little Andover brats, "my back". FU- 
TURE PLANS: What can a professional 
cheerleader do? 

Deborah Chamberlin 

TO REMEMBER: Rick, MacDonald's, 
staff party at Bob's, jumping off the 
divingboard with Knowlt, June 18, 
1971, rowboat rides, summer in New 
'Hampshire, "ocean". TO FORGET: 
"Red Baron", Linda at the staff party, 
February 3, 1972. FUTURE PLANS: 
To attend college and become a special 
education teacher. 


Linda H. Childs 

ACTIVITIES: Spanish Club 2; Softball 
2; Yearbook 4; Tennis 2. TO RE- 
MEMBER: New York trip, Washington 
D.C., 2 summers at Ossipee, basketball, 
getting my license. TO FORGET: 
Crowded corridors, school lunches, term 
reports, dissecting, getting up early. 
FUTURE PLANS: Travel, start college 
in fail, major in elementary education. 

Donna Ciampa 

Barbara Anne Clapp 

TO REMEMBER: U.S. History, English 
with Mr. Grecoe, Honda 750, Junior 
Skip Day. TO FORGET: Hm. Rm. with 
Mr. Jones, Study Halls, gym. FUTURE 
PLANS: Travel the world, settle down 
and raise a family. 

Jeanne E. Cleary 

ACTIVITIES: Basketball Cheerleading 
1; Football Cheerleading 2, 3, Co-capt. 
4; Basketball 2, 3, Capt. 4; Gymnastics 
2; Student Council 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2; 
Decisions in living program 2, 3; Stu- 
dent Government 3; J.V. show 3; 
Tennis 3; N.H.S. 4. TO REMEMBER: 
Summer of 71, S.W.C, Gardner's 
Cove, Paris, C, M. L., K. L. and their 
drunken father, F. F. TO FORGET: 
Reading Police, N.Y.C. coats. FUTURE 
PLANS: College. 

Susan Collins 


TO REMEMBER Mr. Shiere's Book- 
keeping I class, M. G., summer vaca- 
tions, work study, my junior year. TO 
FORGET: U.S. History, my fights with 
a certain person, the lunches, my fresh- 
man year. FUTURE PLANS: To get 
married and live happily. 

David Cone 


ACTIVITIES: Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Student 
Council 2; Cross Country 2; Freshman 
Football; Lab band 3, 4. TO REMEM- 
BER: Mr. Kelly's math class, Mr. Fes- 
senden's "Spiro's my hero" sticker. TO 
FORGET: The administration's many, 
many, many faults. FUTURE PLANS: 
Go onto Aviation Admin. 


Jean Connell 
TO REMEMBER: April 7, 1972, Tom, 
W.S.S., Dietetics with K. C, the train 
w/E. L., the cow and D. H. TO FOR- 
GET: my junior year, B. ST., The A&A. 
FUTURE PLANS: Hope to go on to 
nursing school and enjoy life. 

Ruth-Ellen R. Corum 


ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey 2; Gym- 
nastics 2, 3; Concert Choir 1, 2; J.V. 
Show 3; Senior Class Play 4. TO RE- 
MEMBER: Soodla's Sandbox, jogging 
mornings with J. K., Arnold the pig, 
pyramids on field day. TO FORGET: 
Bruises from punching my stubborn 
locker. FUTURE PLANS: To discover 
and to do God's will for me. 

Robert B. Connors, Jr. 

Bob, B. C. 
ACTIVITIES: Cross Country 1, 2, 3, 
capt. 4; Winter Track 1, 4; Spring Track 
2. TO REMEMBER: Growing up in 
Wilmington, how I changed in high 
school, running many miles at cross 
country practice, certain girls, Boston 
with the Drama Club and partying on 
the common. The Bruins Rally at Gov't 
Center, the Wesley House, caution, 
field day, DeMoulas, and getting haircuts 
and letting it grow, 18 yr. old drinking, 
party time, my proofs, dealing, the 
Jethro TuU and J. Geils concerts, taking 
the all 3 lunches program. TO FOR- 
GET: All the bad things. FUTURE 
PLANS: to have a good time, go to 
school, be a teacher, build my own 
house, and live my own life. 

Mary Cote 

ACTIVITIES: Skipping 1, 2, 3, 4; Busi- 
ness Club 2. TO REMEMBER: My 
Mother, Ed, 2/26/71, 4/3/71, 
12/17/71 with E. W., S. P., and K. C, 
all the goods with L. S., K. C, B. K., 
C. S., C. F., Junior Skip Day 71-72, 
Dodge Dart, a certain police officer. 
TO FORGET: June 29, 72, freshman 
year, Nov. 11, 1972. FUTURE PLANS: 
Go to France 2/17/73, marry a certain 

Gregory T. Coolidge 

ACTIVITIES: Football 1; Class Vice- 
President 1, 2; Executive Board 3; Base- 
ball 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Government 2, 
3, 4; NHS 3, 4; J.V. show. TO RE- 
MEMBER: Lee, sleeping out with B. M., 
M. M., and M. F., skiing, "I'm really 
not like this," Sneaker, 35, S. R., P. H., 
R. P., K. M., M. R., D. R., seeing Tull, 
Physics lab with Bill, Steve and Wayne, 
L. M., G. S., S. S., J. C, N. F., A. L. 
and all my other friends, 4/14/72 — 
4/16/72. TO FORGET: French tests, 
being seeded #3, Scoop, Gestapo. FU- 
TURE PLANS: College, meeting people, 
enjoying life. 

Steven Coursey 

Steve, Hip *■ 

ACTIVITIES: Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Win- 
ter Track 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Student Council 1; Class President 2, 3; 
Executive Board 4; J.V. Show 3; Stu- 
dent Gov't 3, 4; Discipline Comm. 2, 
3; Family Living 2, 3, 4; Peer Group 
2, 3, 4; Jr. Rotarian 4; NHS 3, 4. TO 
REMEMBER Homosexuality, the Roll- 
ing Stones, Nippy and the Bon Bon 
Boys, 9-0, Martha, P. A., J. Geils, 
Paris, Stephen Stills, getting my hair 
cut, J. E. C. TO FORGET: Denting 
our car, bad practices, weight lifting, 
our trip to Nantucket. FUTURE 
PLANS: Project '73. 


Wayne Croswell 

ACTIVITIES: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Soccer 3, Capt. 4; 
Key Club Pres. 4; N.H.S. 4; Student 
Council treas. 4; Exec. Bd. 4; Jr. 
Rotarian; Student Gov't 3, 4; Fam. Liv. 
Comm. 2, 3, 4; J.V. Show 3; Outward- 
bound Pres. 3, N.H.S. 4. TO REMEM- 
BER: B. H., 35, racehorse, 22, sneaker, 
72 Soccer Champs and party, Pink 
Bomb, Calif., 10/30/70, jokts and 
L. M., spaz, Fred's bench, "Leader of 
the Pack", c-c skiing, N. F.'s pool party, 
THE GANG, "That's a hard one!", 
math teacher (King Rat) who can't 
add, G. C's Xmas disc. TO FORGET: 
French, windsprints, blisters. 


r ^ 1 

Amy Curran 

ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1; field hockey 
2; Executive Board 3; J.V. Show; soft- 
ball 2; girl's track 3. TO REMEMBER: 
The big D, buddies, cemetary, yellow 
trucks, bananas, ski trips, summer of 
'72, Tull, skip days, "73" gang. TO 
FORGET: K. L.'s adventures, morning 
afters. King's, winks, P. night 1/28/72, 
rip offs, various trees, buttercups, etc., 
etc. FUTURE PLANS: To find hap- 
piness and become a successful radi- 


Stephen Daniel! 

Steve, Hip, Frito 
ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Chess Club 2, 3, 4. TO REMEMBER: 
My long hair, being called "Hip", 
traveling to New York, Junior Skip 
Day. TO FORGET: French, joke telling, 
all my classes. FUTURE PLANS: Study 
law, travel, and have fun the rest of 
my life. 


William B. Darling 

TO REMEMBER: The stories before 
lunch in Mr. H's science class, Mr. M's 
English Class and his student teacher, 
the day Mrs. Z. told us she was preg- 
nant — right after we had studied sexual 
reproduction, M's second period crum 
bum English Class. TO FORGET: The 
day I said "Hi!" to Mr. Garret, Mr. J's 
classes. FUTURE PLANS: To go to law 
school, own my own business. 

Susan Davey 

ACTIVITIES: J.V. Show 3; Patrons 
Drive 3. TO REMEMBER: Not being 
daring enough to do the things D. F. 
and C. K. did, the ski trips, "timing it 
right", 9/15/72, rides to North Wil- 
mington with D. F. TO FORGET: Sen- 
ior Skip Day in junior year, certain 
parties, my freshman year, Junior sleep- 
out, J.V. Show. FUTURE PLANS: To 
become a secretary, to learn to ski. 

Ralph Decker 

ACTIVITIES: Spring track 1; Soccer 1, 
2, 3, Capt. 4; Winter track 1, 2; Work 
1, 2, 3, 4; Athletic Committee 4; Jr. 
sleep-out. TO REMEMBER: 72 Soccer 
Champs, getting caught by Carol, 
Hawaii, All-star Soccer team, Jr. sleep 
out, Beach Boys concert, partying, B. C., 
M. W. TO FORGET: Back to back 
parties at my house, Fred, Bernie, boring 
classes, strict study halls. FUTURE 
PLANS: Going cross country on my 
750, become rich and retire at the age 
of 35. 



Stephen DeLisle 


ACTIVITIES: Football 1; Patrons Drive 
1, 2, 3, 4; J.V. Show. TO REMEMBER: 
Glen Road after J.V. Show with R. L., 
K. M., K. H., R. J., in French, counting 
cars in Miss B's room, fighting it out 
with Mr. Lynch. TO FORGET: Many 
people and things that I'd rather not 
mention, phone calls from a well known 
friend. FUTURE PLANS: To get my 
duck back and live happily ever after. 

Roberta Lee Del Rossi 

ACTIVITIES: Ski Club 3, 4; Yearbook 
4. TO REMEMBER: My first ski trip, 
"Are you 21?", Weekend at Dianes, 
Junior Skip Day, Mr. Shierre's Classes, 
Driving D. P. home in the fog and 
ending up in a swamp, '64 Chevy, 
Trying to beat D. R. in Type III, 
"Sarah", Going to China, "Secure", 
"Luvies". TO FORGET: Working at 
the Public Library, Mrs. G., Avon 
Calling, D. W. Wobniar, stalling in 
the middle of the street. FUTURE 
PLANS: To become Medical Secretary. 



John DePiano 
TO REMEMBER: Louise, Junior Skip 
Day, the zoo, the gang, Friday nights 
at Cote's, Betty C, skipping over Mazz's, 
a certain "62" Nova, a ripple on that 
Nova's fender. The N.I.S. parking lot, 
Mrs. S., the old drafting class for 4 
years, Mrs. Z's Biology class, our group 
Night Shift. TO FORGET: Algebra II, 
school lunches, morning exercises, the 
hike from the student parking lot 
FUTURE PLANS: Get out in the world 
and make money. 

Donald Deschenes 

Doreen Deschenes 

ACTIVITIES: Science Club 3, Math 
League 2. TO REMEMBER: Having 
teachers say "Are you sure you aren't 
a freshman?" for 4 straight years. TO 
FORGET: 'Triendly, you bet we are". 
FUTURE PLANS: Attend Salem State 

Joan Deslongchamps 

Joan Ding 

ACTIVITIES: High School Peer Group 
3, 4. TO REMEMBER: Gate crashing 
at Wingaesheek beach, the hill, the 
"Wcslo", Carol, Cindy, Sally, Gary S., 
black boots, and the gang, smoking. 
FUTURE PLANS: To find what 1 want 
to do in life and to go to Japan with 



Janet E. DiBella 

ACTIVITIES: Riding Club 2; Ski Club 
3; Arts and Crafts 1; J.V. Show. TO 
REMEMBER: Meeting Bob, Junior 
Skip Day, 6/7/70, finally getting my 
10 speed, all my great friends, being 
on skis for the first time at Okemo, 
going to the Mall that day. TO FOR- 
GET: Coming home from Plum Island, 
breaking down with Bob, Deb and 
Snooky. FUTURE PLANS: Moving to 
the country, becoming a model or secre- 
tary, owning a corvette that would leave 
Bob in the dust. 


Billy Dion 


Donna Marie Dorval 
ACTIVITIES: Ski Club 3, 4; J. V. 
Show; Yearbook Committee; Patrons 
Drive 3. TO REMEMBER. "Are you 
21", Weekend at Dianes', Junior Variety 
Show, my first ski trip, 1972 football 
season. Old Orchard '72, Junior Skip 
Day, #76, Secure. TO FORGET: Turn- 
ing red, sophomore roller skating party, 
that one night with B. M., L. H., J. C, 
and E. R., and "Sarah". FUTURE 
PLANS: Become an elementary teacher 
and maybe someday travel abroad. 

Suzanne Doucette 

ACTIVITIES: Science Club -1, 2, 3, 4; 
Secretary 2; Newspaper 3, 4, Co-editor 
Math League 2, 3, 4; N.H.S. 3, 4; 
Field Hockey 1; Chess Club 2. TO 
REMEMBER: "Our gang", ML, PW; 
the raincoat, JH, the Christmas parties, 
"swimming," Outward Bound trip, NY 
and "Lucy Dying", Boston trip and my 
stupid learners and "a teeny-weeny bit 
crazy." TO FORGET: My junior year, 
the "Shadow", King Rat and math. 
FUTURE PLANS: College and hap- 

Janice Downey 

ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey 1. TO RE- 
MEMBER: Cranes Beach, here comes the 
sun, Kancamangus with Will, sunset 
series, British Columbia, L.W.S.F., sum- 
mer of 1970. TO FORGET: Youth Cen- 
ter, school lunches. FUTURE PLANS: 
To be happy, to make others happy, to 
live in the country. 

Susan Downs 

ACTIVITIES: Business Club 2. TO 
REMEMBER: M. M. falling down stairs 
at B. A., Junior Skip Day, my last year 
at W.H.S., the W.H.S. hockey games. 
TO FORGET: School lunches, home- 
work, tests, May 20, 1972, job at 
cheapest place in town. FUTURE 
PLANS: Go to Europe, be a secretary. 


James Duffy 

ACTIVITIES: Peer Group 3, 4; Family 
Living Committee 2, 3, 4; Birdwatching 
2. TO REMEMBER: Pat Gagnon. TO 
Probably carpentry. 

Nancy Lee Dukeman 

ACTIVITIES: Travel Club 4. TO RE- 
MEMBER: Senior prom,, trip with 
Travel Club, weekends in Southie, Mr. 
K.'s yelling in corridor. TO FORGET: 
October, 1972. FUTURE PLANS: To 
become a secretary, get married and 
have a family. 

Sharon L. Dukus 

ACTIVITIES: Art Club 3; Government 
Forum 4. TO REMEMBER: One week 
in Maine with Peter, the pond in the 
woods beside the school, Kikie Kulon, 
11 Nassau. TO FORGET: BG. FU- 
TURE PLANS: Getting a place in Ver- 
mont with Peter, going to Art School 
to study ceramics. 

Deborah Elliot 

Virginia M. Ellis 

Jeanie, Jean 

ACTIVITIES: Folk Music 2, 3. TO RE- 
MEMBER: Going steady with Joe 
Harris. TO FORGET: Splitting my 
pants in history when I was a junior. 
FUTURE PLANS: Marriage to Joe 

Paul Esielionis 

ACTIVITIES: Cross Country 1; Drama 
Club 2, 3, 4; Photography Club 3, 4; 
German Club 3, 4, President; Wildcat 
4; Senior Class Play; Patrons Drive; 
N.H.S. 4. TO REMEMBER: Mrs. 
Lewis' German classes, Drafting classes, 
Decisions in Living classes, trip to 
Germany. TO FORGET: Algebra and 
Analysis tests. FUTURE PLANS: I 
would like to help others. 



Marijane Fairweather 

TO REMEMBER: Meeting new friends. 
TO FORGET: Everything about study- 
ing, teachers and books. FUTURE 
PLANS: I want to become a nurse. 

Amy Farrell 


TO REMEMBER: Carl, parties at my 
house, the party at John Haven's house, 
9/2/72, Godspell, Jesus Christ Super- 
star, Pier 4, Moody Blues, my Mickey 
Mouse ears, skipping school in my 
junior year, the day Barny got teed-off 
about an article Marty, Carrie and I 
wrote in the Wildcat but it got results. 
TO FORGET: My freshman year, Doug 
D., Steve, Eddie, Dwight, Mark, etc. FU- 
TURE PLANS: Emery School of Busi- 
ness, a free-lance court stenographer. 



Nello Federico 

ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1; Spring track 
2; Science club 3; Chess 3, 4; Winter 
track 4. TO REMEMBER: Mrs. Bell 
taking a tantrum over the bomb scares. 
TO FORGET: Having homework on 
the weekends. FUTURE PLANS: Pos- 
sibly teaching history. 

Nancy J. Ferguson 

ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey 2, 3, 4; 
Softball 2, 4; Gymnastics 2; Tennis 3; 
NHS 3, Treas. 4; Yearbook Tri-editor 4. 
TO REMEMBER: Summer of 71, JC, 
Paris, Gardener's Cove, (BS)^, "ocean", 
JK, ML and KL and their drunken 
father, math class and party. TO FOR- 
GET: Nov. 27, pancakes, '69-'70. 
FUTURE PLANS: College, social work. 

Gloria Ferraguto 

ACTIVITIES: Spectator sports 2; Travel 
Club Vice Pres. 4; Arts and Crafts 3. 
TO REMEMBER: Johns, M. L., D. P., 
M. B., D. P., breaking into J. M. locker, 
W.A.L.T., D. C, Home Ec. I. TO 
FORGET: Gym class, Elizabeth, term 
tests, Mark N. FUTURE PLANS: Phy- 
sical therapist assistant or pediatrics. 

Sandra J. Ferrera 

ACTIVITIES: Travel club. It was great. 
Mrs. Gershon was funny. Washington 
D.C. is a big place for 20 girls. TO 
REMEMBER: Feb. 1969 when I met 
a special person and had a great time. 
TO FORGET: Fights with Steve, being 
in the Wilmington HS at lunch time. 
FUTURE PLANS: Graduate, get mar- 
ried, have a good job and a happy life. 

■ - ■^•.- i - 


■ '%: 


Carolyn Fielding 


TO REMEMBER: Oct. 10, 1970, K. B., 
Friday nights at M. C, dating J. F., May 
9, 1972, Lee's apartment, C. S. parties. 
TO FORGET: A certain person, Jan. 3, 
1972, Type 11 class. FUTURE PLANS: 
Marry John and be happy, graduate, 
have children, have a good job. 

Stanley J. Fielding 

ACTIVITIES: Chess Club 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Science Club 1, 2; Yearbook 4; Class 
Photographer 2, 3, 4. TO REMEMBER: 
The Explosion, Mr. Kelley — his jokes 
and stories. TO FORGET: Two years of 
Mr. Lynch, Chem ll's experiments. FU- 
TURE PLANS: Probably Northeastern 
U., travel. 

Peter Fiore 

ACTIVITIES: Baseball 1, 3; Rod and 
Gun Club 3, 4 (Trophy winner); J.V 
Show; Chess Club 3. TO REMEMBER- 
J.V. Show. TO FORGET: Losing 1st 
place trophy in Rod and Gun, will get 
it this year. FUTURE PLANS: Audio- 



Douglas Fish 

ACTIVITIES: Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Hockey 
1, 2. TO REMEMBER: Salisbury, Joe 
Banana's Submarine fleet, target practice 
in Room 103. TO FORGET: Mrs. 
Seidler's English Class, Soodla's Sand- 
box, Band Concerts. 

Donna L. Freeman 

ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey 1, 2, 3; 
Basketball 1, 2; Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Newspaper 3, 4; Editor; N.H.S. 4; J.V. 
Show; Yearbook. TO REMEMBER: Pat, 
Linda, Marg, Kory, Friends, "Wein- 
burg gang". Sat. night bowling, Rudolf, 
1st period Math, "private parties", "close 
to my heart". TO FORGET: "chicken 
legs", my "co-editor", M. V. C. bench- 
warmer. FUTURE PLANS: College, 
writing, career. 

Sally E. Frost 

ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey 1, 2; Soft- 
ball 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3; J.V. 
Show; Ski Club 1, 2, 3. 4; Ski Team 
4, Pres. TO REMEMBER: Muggzie, 
bomb scares, Casey, Butler's garden 
glove, Shlitz, Tango, Lefties, Garold 
Barrett Ski Day. TO FORGET: Bridge- 
ton and the men in blue. Gym!!!. 
Getting caught cheating, I just can't 
win. FUTURE PLANS; Just live in 
Maine and ski. 



Diane Fugere 

ACTIVITIES: J.V. Show; Patron's 
Drive. TO REMEMBER: Ski trips, 

B. W., sneaks to lunch with L. M., jr. 
year, Student Government Day fire 
alarm, sneaking out — 8/18/72 with 

C. K., rides to North Wilmington with 
S. D. TO FORGET: certain parties, 3rd 
term "absence" from Chemistry Jr. year, 
beige Volkswagon, Senior Skip Day 
Jr. year. FUTURE PLANS: To graduate 
and be successful in whatever I attempt. 

Maureen FuUerton 


ACTIVITIES: Art 1, 2, 3, 4; Cooking 
1; Sewing 2. TO REMEMBER: My 
brother John and Jan. 31, 1968, M. L.'s 
Mustang and all the trouble we got into 
and M. L. parties, art class, 3 and 4 with 
M. C, P. M., and M. W. TO FORGET: 
2/21/70 and a certain person, Jr. year 
at Summer School, 2 years of going out 
with a certain person. FUTURE 
PLANS: to graduate from W.H.S., to 
travel and maybe someday be married. 

Sharon Fullerton 

"Let no one despise your youth, but set 
the believers an example in speech and 
conduct, in love, in faith, in purity." 

Barry Garden 

ACTIVITIES: Student Government 
Planning Board 2, 3, 4, Secretary; 
Drama Club 3; Senior Class Play 4; 
Junior Variety Show 3. TO REMEM- 
BER: Archie, Felix, Chem 1, reading 
Miss S's love notes. Student Govern- 
ment Day, Durgen Park, J.V. Show, 
cast parties. Senior Class Play rehearsals, 
W. C. TO FORGET: Liz, some teach- 
ers who think they know it all. FU- 
TURE PLANS: I plan to further my 
education, and be a success in whatever 
I attempt. 

Rick Garnett 


ACTIVITIES: Folk Music 3; J.V. Show 
3. TO REMEMBER: Good times on 
hippie hill and beating the system, hav- 
ing Mr. Kelly for two years and devel- 
oping good reflexes. TO FORGET: Wil- 
mington High and most of its con- 
tents, especially "Uncle Al" Fessenden 
(When will the funny farm take him 
back?) FUTURE PLANS: To win the 
million dollar lottery, buy a '72 cor- 
vette, own California, and become 




Jack Gearty 


ACTIVITIES: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. TO 
REMEMBER: Sippin' frosties down the 
high school, Barry, Jack, Rick, Mike, 
Tony, Jimmy, Mopar FUTURE PLANS: 
Skindiver for Joe App. 



Peter George 

ACTIVITIES: Band 2, 3, 4; Track Man- 
ager 1,3; Senior Class Play 3, 4; Drama 
Club 3, 4; Faculty Play Director 3; 
Student Government 2, 3, 4; "Friends" 
3; Wildcat 3, 4. TO REMEMBER: 
Drama Club, The Kite, Helena, Puck 
"and, other famous people", band 
routines, Charlie Brown. TO FORGET: 
DeMoulas, Algebra II with Mr. Kelley, 
Miss Jackson, all the hassles the office 
gave us. FUTURE PLANS: Attend col- 
lege with a major in journalism. 

Franklin J. Giannotti 


MEMBER: Biology, hiding from the 
teachers in the halls, Soodla's Sandbox, 
Joe Bananas. TO FORGET: Junior and 
Senior English, schedule changes, lunch 
ladies, walking to the student parking 
lot, I'm sincere about this. FUTURE 
PLANS: To go to college and major in 
either management or plastics. 

Florence M. Gigliotti 

MEMBER: The Broads, J. R., C. T., 
D. J., and M. G., Thanksgiving week- 
end 1970, Rest Well, October 31, 1972, 
Salisbury with the girls and Norman, 
R and J, Mr. Grecoe, working at Wil- 
mington Ford, Kevin. TO FORGET: 
Freshman studies, my grades, dumb 
speeches for Mr. Grecoe. FUTURE 
PLANS: Hopefully airline school and 
eventually settling down with the right 
guy and starting a family. 

Arthur Gilbert 

ACTIVITIES: Football 3, 4; Hockey 2. 
TO REMEMBER: Junior sleepout, prac- 
tice, Bob's class, J. T., all those reports 
— finished and unfinished. TO FOR- 
GET: The lunches, the stupid rules, 
my pals in the office, senior English. 
FUTURE PLANS: To have a good 

Michele Gillis 

ACTIVITIES: Band 1; Newspaper 1 
Ed. 2; Softball 2; Girls Track 3, 4 
Graphic Arts 3; Future Teachers 3 
Patrons Drive 3, 4; Yearbook 4. TO 
REMEMBER: Big Daddy/Fat Cat, 
Beach Boys Concert, New England 
Dragway, '61 Chevy, A. A. A., Tuesday 
drunks at A.A.A.'s, Little Uncle, all 
my friends, Ma, New York trip. Jr. 
Skip Day, basketball practices. TO FOR- 
GET: White pants and cap guns. Lion's 
Club. FUTURE PLANS: College, teach 
I. A. 

Barbara Graves 

ACTIVITIES: Business 2; walking the 
hallways; IV^ hour lunches. TO RE- 
MEMBER: My Father's Moustache, 
1950's party. Dietetics, John Kerry's 
Campaign, Karen, Kim, Marg, Mary, 
Carol, Carol, Marie. TO FORGET: Ail 
my years at Wilmington High School. 
FUTURE PLANS: Going on to school, 
haven't decided what I want to do. 


Dianne Gray 

ACTIVITIES: Business Club 1; Year- 
book 4. TO REMEMBER: Summer of 
'72, Gerry, laundromat, Drive-in with 
Debby, Dee-Dee, Sue, Survey with Mary, 
Braves with Elena. TO FORGET: Junior 
year, the whole school. FUTURE 
PLANS: To help people. 

Paul Green 

ACTIVITIES: Cross Country 1; Chess 
Club 2, 3, 4; Ski Club 4; Senior Class 
Play; Chess Team 3, 4. TO' FORGET: 
Mr. Krey's Chem. II classes and triads. 
FUTURE PLANS: Ski instructor, archi- 
tect or physicist. 

Mark Guarino 

TO REMEMBER: Bomb scares, interms, 
1336, my moldy gym suit, Dicey's lec- 
tures, the beeries, SG, industrial design, 
and Sue. TO FORGET: Lunches, the 
beeries, my sophomore year, French, 
the Swedish box, Mondays. FUTURE 
PLANS: Getting into architecture or 

Stephen A. Gustus 

ACTIVITIES: Cross Country 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Winter Track 1, 3, 4; Basketball 2, 
Manager; Spring Track 1, 3, 4. TO 
REMEMBER: Hampton Beach, Albany, 
8/26/71, Track, being little good at 
Sports in general. TO FORGET: French 
of any kind, track practices. FUTURE 
PLANS: To be a statistician for a 
sports broadcasting program, to be 

Janis H. Halpin 

ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey 1; Science 
Club 1, 2, 3, 4; NHS 3, 4; Bible Study 
3, 4; Wildcat 3; Chess Club 2; Year- 
book 4; Math League 3, 4; Volleyball 3. 
TO REMEMBER: Ted, "Betsy," star 
gazing, the "Wizard," "King Rat," 
"down the up-escalator," "our gang," 
Trip to France- — '"oo-la-la!", our surgical 
table and "Link." TO FORGET: Rain- 
coats or umbrellas, losing tickets. 
FUTURE PLANS: To help others as 
a nurse. 

Ralph E. Halpin 

ACTIVITIES: Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Cross Country 1, 2, 3, 4; Indoor and 
Outdoor Track 1,2, 3, 4; Ecology Club 
3, 4; Key Club 4; Debating 2. TO 
REMEMBER: All the nice kids and 
teachers. TO FORGET: Math. FU- 
TURE PLANS: I'm not sure. 


K^;,;^^;; (,-r..-. 



': ■<■ 





^-L.,r ;. 




Lauren Hancox 

ACTIVITIES; Majorettes 2, 3, 4, Capt.; 
J.V. Show; Girls' Track; Patron's Drive. 
TO REMEMBER: 'buddies', bananas, 
the log with K. G., A. C. and K. L., 
sleepout, parties, especially K. L.'s and 
S. M.'s, close friends, certain teachers, 
my Chem partner. TO FORGET: 
Friendships that didn't last. FUTURE 
PLANS: Hopefully to work with men- 
tally retarded or emotionally ill, but to 
always feel peaceful and secure. 

Joseph F. Harris 

Blue, Joe, Ho. 
ACTIVITIES: Folk Music 2, 3. TO 
REMEMBER: Going steady with Jean 
Ellis, sneaking away from school with 
Jean and not getting caught. TO FOR- 
GET: The day I took off from school 
and got Jean a new pair of pants 
because she split her pants in history. 
FUTURE PLANS: Making the best 
home I can for my Jeanie. 

Deborah Harrison 

Chen, Debo 
ACTIVITIES: Majorettes 2, 3, 4; Ski 
Club; J.V. Show; Patrons Drive 3, 4. 
TO REMEMBER: C.Y.O. ski trips, my 
friends, common, summer of 70, K. K., 
T.S.H., Mancini's (the troops) Sally's 
parties, Hampton, Salisbury, G. 'W., 
studies. TO FORGET: Sundays, Satur- 
day morning practices, 5-10, Bedford 
V. A., Sully, backstabbers. FUTURE 
PLANS: To be rich and happy. 

Douglas Harrison 

Lactrodectous Mactan 
ACTIVITIES: Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4; Base- 
ball 1; Junior Variety Show 3. TO 
REMEMBER: J.V. show, tracks, sopho- 
more year, common, Calias, Maine, 
Y. C, senior prom, Dairy Queen, Wes- 
son, my friends, graduation, weekends, 
the hill. TO FORGET: Soccer 4, sum- 
mer '72, Calias, loud girls, gym, walk- 
ing to school, WHS, phony people, no 
choice over this picture, writing all 
this down. FUTURE PLANS: to be 
happy, to major in Ind. Design. 

Liane Harvey 


ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey 3; Asst. 
Manager; Ski Club 2. TO REMEMBER: 
The beach with B. M., E. B. and D.C. 
Dance with J. C, D. D., B. M., and 
E. R., Drew, Jeanine jumping out, ski- 
ing Killington, Brown Sugar with S. M. 
and D. H. TO FORGET: Train with 
M. D. and J. D., my car, freshman 
year, and A & A rest, everything ]. D., 
M. D., and G. G. did together. FUTURE 
PLANS: Hope to work little but enjoy 

Sharon Ann Haynes 

ACTIVITIES: Business Club 2; Travel 
Club 4, Treasurer. TO REMEMBER: 
B. M. parties, "Gay 90's meet the 
Swinging 70's" (Your Father's mus- 
tache); Travel Club activities. TO FOR- 
GET: freshman year, J. D. FUTURE 
PLANS: To go into the field of music 
sometime — otherwise going to be a 
communications secretary, a trip to 




Beth Higley 

ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1, 2; Field 
Hockey 1; J.V. Show; Student Govern- 
ment 3, 4; Concert Choir 3, 4; N.H.S. 
3, 4; Student Council 3, 4; Family 
Living Committee 2, 3, 4. TO REMEM- 
BER: Halloween 70, Wayne, M and 
M's, water fall, PEI, b-r-e-a-d, Cal, spaz, 
singing cakes, #1 soccer team, Ogunquit, 
Pink Bomb, camp and our kids, weird 
G. C, G. S., L. M., Marcus, Cuz, S. C, 
London. TO FORGET: Math, Super 6, 
French skits, "brain", 12/29/69, braces, 
biology butchers FUTURE PLANS: 
Travel, work with handicapped kids. 

Barbara Hillson 

TO REMEMBER: 1971, the hill, cruis- 
ing with Willy, the skunks, J. R., J. J., 
lesbo. Traffic concert. TO FORGET: 
Nothing. FUTURE PLANS: To go to 
school and travel all over the world — 
live in Switzerland. 

Sandra Howe 

ACTIVITIES: Business Club 2; Psy- 
chic Phenomena Club 3. TO REMEM- 
BER: Business Club field trip to Lynn. 
PLANS: Going on to school for writing 
and moving to New Hampshire. 

Joyce Hudgins 

ACTIVITIES: Work Study 1, 2, 3. TO 
REMEMBER: February 21, 1972, J. R.'s 
Parties, Old Orchard, Fun with my 
friends, J. R., P. K., D. J., B. C, 
Kenny, Paragon Park, my mother. TO 
FORGET: Mr. Greece's English class, 
"My Lemons". FUTURE PLANS: Be- 
ing happy, getting a good job, for once 
getting a good car, get married. 

Bruce Hudson 



i\y:;v'-;>^Svr ••■V..- V . V" 

Elena Ingeneri 

ACTIVITIES; Ski Club 3, 4. TO RE- 
MEMBER: Junior skip day, sneaking 
to MacDonald's for lunch during study, 
football and hockey games. TO FOR- 
GET: The dumb substitutes, oral re- 
ports. FUTURE PLANS: Continue 
school for two years. 

Diane Inman 

TO REMEMBER: The hill, Mrs. Ger- 
shon's class and Mr. Shiere's class. TO 
To continue being myself and to make 
the best out of whatever comes my way, 
to travel through Europe. 

Joe losue 


TO REMEMBER: Snodgrass, Junior 
Skip Day, blue pickup, beer-pit, tracks, 
Saturday night parties, "Get out of 
town". Plum Island, P. M.'s house, 
August 29, 1972, $25, white Buicks 
and Mazz., English with Mr. Joyce, 
Green VW, oak tree, Gorilla Gary, 
Mytron gang, Salisbury beach, Mike's 
cooler, "almost 17". TO FORGET: 
Senior English, Mr. Kelly's Algebra II, 
red '65 Chev., Spanish II (twice), 
tequila. FUTURE PLANS: Bum around. 

Joanne Jacobs 

ACTIVITIES: Majorettes 2, 3, 4; Gym- 
nastics 2, 3. TO REMEMBER: Man- 
cinis, Jim, Dan, Charl, Macks, RH, FB, 
Field day, games with BS, RD, CK, 
GW, Ski trips, breaking JP's thumb, 
the common, KK, parties, going mental 
on Sundays, Friday nights, 1971 Sum- 
mer, Deb's room. School Dances, motor- 
cycle accident, Xmas and NY's Party 
at Mancini's. TO FORGET: Mr. 
Garrett, Barney, Mrs. Gershon, Deten- 
tion. FUTURE PLANS: To become a 
secretary and live by the ocean. 


Robin Jensen 

ACTIVITIES: Basketball cheering 1, 2; 
Football cheering 3, 4; Class secretary 
3, 4; J.V. Show; Ski Club 3, 4; Year- 
book 4. TO REMEMBER: Cheering, 
Mac trucks, fat cows, routine, 23, 64, 
friends, cavanogs, bg's, 7 hours, prom 
'72, Killington, bananas, boat show, 
Bonjour to S. D., 12/19/71, J. G. "Are 
you 21?", Diane, gum man. TO FOR- 
GET: Freshman year, clerical, cheering 
tryouts, mono. 

Wanda Jensen 
ACTIVITIES: Math League 1, 3. 4; 
Science Club 2, 3, 4; Art Club 3; News- 
paper 3; N.H.S. 4; Yearbook 4; Dental 
Clinic 1, 4. TO REMEMBER: "Our 
Gang", Christmas trees and parties, 
Halloween, SHEK, stargazing and "the 
Wizard", soccer games, B. H. and 
M and M's, water-skiing, J. H. TO 
FORGET: "King Rat" and Math (2 
years), French skits, buses, waitrcssing 
at banquets. FUTURE PLANS: Nurs- 
ing, travel. 


Charlie Jerrett 

Charles E. Mopar, Mopar 
TO REMEMBER: Skipping Chuck 
Keller's class for 3 months without 
getting caught, Winkie the Kid, Wooly, 
Hampton Beach with Winkie, Howser, 
Wooly. TO FORGET: Karen B.'s Party 
with Winkie, W.H.S.'s school lunches. 
FUTURE PLANS: Own a Vette, stay 
single for a while, drop a form on Pee 

Laura Johnson 

ACTIVITIES: BHS National Honor So- 
ciety 1, 2; Yearbook 4. TO REMEM- 
BER: 5' high plants, bowling with 
maranara, BHS, WHS and RHS, 
Halloween 70, the apartment week-ends 
in Maine. TO FORGET: All the hassles, 
moving every year, junior year, FU- 
TURE PLANS: Get married, live in a 
log cabin, and change the world. 


Michael Kaminski 

ACTIVITIES: Math League 2, 3, 4; 
Key Club 3, 4, Secretary; Science Club 
1, 2, 3, 4; Wildcat 3, 4; Spring Track 
1; Cross-country 1, 2, 3. TO REMEM- 
BER: English Independent Study, my 
English project movie, "Detonation 
Earth". TO FORGET: The day the 
chem lab went BOOM with me in it. 

Mary Lou Kazmaier 

ACTIVITIES: Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Student 
Council 1; Choir 1, 4; UAHS cub Club 
1; Charm Club 2; GAA 1; WHI 2, 3; 
Orchestra 1. TO REMEMBER: friends, 
Ann's locker. TO FORGET: You name 
it! FUTURE PLANS; College. 

Barbara- Jo Kelly 
ACTIVITIES: Ski Club 2; J.V. Show 3; 
Majorettes 4. TO REMEMBER: Hamp- 
ton, Frank's parties, 11/21/71, CYO 
ski trip, Ireland with Bunny, Sally's PJ 
party. Junior sleep out, talks with Jan, 
Heaven Scent, Scoop, Junior class trip 
that never was, Friday nights, Junior 
class party at high school parking lot, 
spying with Maureen and Marcia, my 
friends. TO FORGET: Bad memories 
and the corrupt school system. FUTURE 
PLANS: working in the airlines, travel- 

Carole Kelly 

MEMBER: 8/11/72 and Lee, 11:09, 
Feb. 71 and Jackie, sneaking out with 
DF, 8/18/72, WSS, JB in English, 
Student Gov't Day, 3/17/72, ski trips. 
TO FORGET: Senior skip day my Tr. 
year, beige Volkswagon, The Tracks, 
Banana Man, ski lift, Baley, SW and 
underwear. FUTURE PLANS: To 
graduate and to go through with my 
future plans. 






Daniel Kindred 

Patricia Kennedy 


ACTIVITIES: Business Club 2; Knitting 
2; Arts and Crafts 3; Ski Club 3. TO 
REMEMBER: Freshman English, 71-72 
ski trip, O. O. B. Me.-69 and 70 JH, 
71 El, 72 DD, PM, JP, my pocketbook 
getting wet in the girl's room. TO 
FORGET: French 1, Mr. E's history 
class, falling down the bus stairs as a 
freshman. FUTURE PLANS: Further 
my education, buy a car, go to O.O'.B. 
every weekend, travel, be happy in 
whatever 1 do. 

Karen Knight 

ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey 1. TO RE- 
MEMBER: October 27, 1970, Skipdays, 
Weekends, Business Courses, June 73- 
TO FORGET: Getting hit with a milk 
carton at first lunch. FUTURE PLANS: 
Hairdressing school, Secretarial work, 
marry T. S. 

Karen Kohler 

ACTIVITIES: Ski Club 3, 4; Yearbook 
4; Arts and Crafts 3; Varsity Softball 2. 
TO REMEMBER: K. B. E. always 
H. H., "Rolling Stones" Concert in 
Boston, D. S. and the Cape, Tacos. TO 
FORGET: Most of the teachers, French 
2, Zoo storv in Miss Chipman's class. 
FUTURE PLANS: Go to college, ma- 
joring in Art Ed., then disappear. 

Jean Kovacs 

ACTIVITIES: Tennis 1; Math League 
2; Drama Club 2; Newspaper 3, 4; 
National Honor Society 3. Secretary 4; 
Senior Class Play 4; Yearbook 4. TO 
REMEMBER: 5 meetings a week, Sum- 
mer of '71, (BS)'*, "ocean", adagio con 
brio, "RuufT"; jogging, M and D, Bos- 
ton every Saturday, p-and-j picnics 
TO FORGET: Twiggy, Russian, T. P., 
The Bus StoD: T. W. Inc., The Super 6 
FUTURE PLANS: to live forever, pro- 
gress in the ministry, get a good job. 

Teri Krasinski 

ACTIVITIES: Majorettes 2, 3; Ski Club 
1; J.V. Show. TO REMEMBER: Blaise, 
candy kiss, CYO Ski Trips, common, yo 
yipper, Summer "72", Mr. Hartnet, 
Dec. 12, 1969, Kank, the hill, and all 
my good friend.s. TO FORGET: W.H.S., 
Saturday morning practices, "school 
lunches". Youth Center, Fittscibben, 
and Steno. FUTURE PLANS: To be 


Carrie Krasznekewicz 

ACTIVITIES: Yearbook 4. TO RE- 
MEMBER: Dale M., Martie M., Amy, 
and Carol, Lynn Beach, June 16, 1971, 
June 9, 1972, "Bobby". TO FORGET: 
September 20, 1972. FUTURE PLANS: 
Go to college — teach the deaf. 

Susanna H. Krey 

ACTIVITIES: Student Council 2, 3; 
Vice Pres. 2, 3; Science Club treas. 2, 
3, 4; National Honor Society pres. 3, 
4; Bible Study 3, 4; Science Fairs; 
Yearbook Staff; Tennis; Concert Choir 
3, 4. TO REMEMBER: Science Club, 
parties, Kreymobile, 226, caroling. King 
Rat, Mr. Joyce, bites, grammar with 
Mrs. Aldrich, Deutsch III, U.S. Hist., 
C. M., and the gang. TO FORGET: 
Math tests. FUTURE PLANS: To share 
happiness with others. 

Elizibeth Krugaluk 

ACTIVITIES: Business Club 2; Ski 
Club 3, 4; Yearbook 4; Patron's Drive 
3, 4. TO REMEMBER: My sister Kathy, 
"Kal", J.V. Show, the tracks, Sally's 
parties, this year and last year soccer 
games, 72-73, football games. Ma Cote, 
mountain climbing with Frogg, Friday 
nights at Mary's, 10/31/70, 8/23/70, 
Gill's ski trips. TO FORGET: 10/4/71, 
4 years at W.H.S. FUTURE PLANS: 
To find the right guy and get married, 
to travel. 

Cynthia Lamkin 


ACTIVITIES: Math League 1, 3, 4 
French Club treas. 2; Science Club 4 
NHS 4; Yearbook 4; Bible Study 3 
Creative Sewing 3; Costumes and ad 
vertising for Senior Class Play 4. TO 
REMEMBER: Summer 72, King Rat, 
Math League, friends, rolling skating. 
TO FORGET: Sophomore English, my 
braces, Mrs. Seidler's cats. FUTURE 
PLANS: Major in Biology Research at 
Southeastern Mass. University. 

Helen Laquidara 

ACTIVITIES: Nurse's Club 1; Future 
Teachers Club 1; Gymnastics Intra- 
murals 2; Junior Variety Show. TO 
REMEMBER: Trying to pass Mr. 
Kelley's Algebra II class and not suc- 
ceeding, Chris, all my friends. TO 
FORGET: term papers, any arguments 
that I had with Chris. FUTURE 
PLANS: Getting a job, teaching the 
handicapped W/o, going on to college, 
traveling, and getting married. 

Denise LaRivee 
Dee Dee 
ACTIVITIES: Business Club 1. TO RE- 
MEMBER: Mrs. Gearty finding $20 of 
mine, the Class of "73". TO FORGET: 
Tests, oral reports. FUTURE PLANS: 
Get married and raise a family. 


Karen Leary 

ACTIVITIES: Peer Group 3, 4. TO 
REMEMBER: Yellow truck, homoge- 
neous people, sophomore party, raisins 
in the toilet, our tree, ski trips. TO 
FORGET: Weekends in Wilmington, 
fences, poison ivy, the book I wrote. 

Richard Lee 


ACTIVITIES: Football 1, 3. TO RE- 
MEMBER: Carol, the good times we 
had on McGondel's porch on a summer 
day, Kancamangas Highway and going 
to a friend's camp in New Hampshire. 
TO FORGET: The time I got jumped 
by 3 Puerto Ricans and they took my 
donuts, the time I got into an accident 
with my brother's car. FUTURE 
PLANS: To take up air conditioning 
and refrigeration after graduation. 

Janet Liberacki 

TO REMEMBER; The airport and 
Gary's van. Little Boy Blue, the skunk 
and the drive-in. Statics, S. F.'s parties, 
S.S.N. B.F., Sarah Street. TO FORGET: 
Floods, the Red Sea. 

Ada Lippiello 

Outa, Jards 
ACTIVITIES: Basketball cheerleading 1, 
2, 3, captain; Ski Club 1, 2; J.V. Show; 
Prom Committee. TO REMEMBER: 
Mark '72 Senior Prom, the common, 
studies, my friends, Sally's parties, 
7/9/71, Y. C, Halloween, ski trips. TO 
FORGET: "My broken leg". Freshman, 
Those Back Stabbcrs, Salem. 

Barbara Livesey 
ACTIVITIES: Junior Variety Show; 
Yearbook 4. TO REMEMBER: Mr. 
Grecoe's English Class, Get to class! 
TO FORGET: Bomb scares. FUTURE 
PLANS: Go to college and become a 
physical or speech therapist. 


^^^X 1 ^^^^g^j^^^^- 


Michele H. Lombard 

ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Math League 1, 2, 3, 4; Science Club 
2, 3, 4; Newspaper 3; NHS 3, 4; 
Yearbook 4; Concert Choir 3; Senior 
Class Play; Volleyball Intramurals 2, 3; 
Gymnastics and Tennis 1. TO RE- 
MEMBER: "Our Gang", PW, M&M 
kids, SD, "Get off those ft!", a waiter 
in Paris, talks with EL, little books, 
Mr. Krey's Funmobile, King Rat, LG, 
"Physics Corner', MH, cliff climbing, 
NH's pool party, our "operator". TO 
FORGET: 1st day at WHS. FUTURE 
PLANS: College, travel and finding 

Ann London 


ACTIVITIES: Student Gov't 2, 3, 4; 
Student Council Vice Pres. 4; Senior 
Executive Board 4; Family Living Com- 
mittee 2, 3; Basketball; 'Tennis 3; J.V. 
Show; Senior Play. TO REMEMBER: 
M&M's, our threesome, B-r-e-a-d, the 
waterfall, onion rings, (BS)^, Hokum, 
singing cakes, Paris, Ogunquit, butter- 
bail, allez au diable, hay day, the paper 
route TO FORGET: Being the gym 
class clod, RS and an orange VW, 
braces, the vice, a skiing disaster, kites. 

Maureen Lyons 

ACTIVITIES: Junior Variety Show; 
Arts and Crafts; sports spectators; Work 
Study. TO REMEMBER: Mark, D. P., 
p. P., G. F., M. B., W.A.L.T. lunches, 
"certain football players", Germany, 
M. B.'s parties, skipping, bombscares. 
TO FORGET: School, oral reports. 
FUTURE PLANS: Getting married, re- 
turning to Germany, travel the U.S. 

John MacCarthy 


TO REMEMBER: The guys, trying to 
get to school on time, my junior year. 
TO FORGET: I would like to forget the 
failing marks I had. FUTURE PLANS: 
to be successful in whatever I do. 

Wayne MacDonald 

ACTIVITIES Football 4. TO RE- 
ball practice. FUTURE PLANS: College. 

James Maclnnis 


TO REMEMBER: Never getting caught 
skipping and Mr. DeGeorge's shop class. 
TO FORGET: Crowded corridors, and 
people who move too slow. FUTURE 
PLANS: To attend a trade school. 



Sally Maclver 

ACTIVITIES: Sec. 1; Football cheer- 
leading 2, 3, co-capt. 4; Student Council; 
Ski Club. TO REMEMBER: 5/6/69, 
Chuffy, George and Little Mark, skiing, 
friends, shower, 7/16/72, valley news, 
N.Y., 16th birthday, Mark Frosh pres., 
workstudy, John's house, Tull, moving 
Murphy's, Spooky, Sam. TO FORGET: 
Breaking up with M. J. every mo., 
dropped at Andover game, 3 accidents, 
dancers, lovely clerical teacher, this 
picture, 2/5/73, back-stabbers, J. T.'s 
New Years Party, summer school. FU- 
TURE PLANS: get a good job, get 


Michael Magee 

Catherine MacQuarrie 


ACTIVITIES: Spanish Club 1; Arts 
and Crafts 1; Omega 1. TO REMEM- 
BER: English 3, 4, Spanish 2, 3. TO 
FORGET: U.S. history and my fresh- 
man year, finals and the 8:00 bell. 
FUTURE PLANS: College and teacher, 
of the deaf and speech handicapped. 

I I 

Chris Mahoney 

TO REMEMBER: Helen, being in this 
place for 5 years, Helen, Jack, Donna 
and all the crazy things we used to do. 
TO FORGET: My 2nd year here, Mr. 
Garrett and Mr. McMahon. FUTURE 
PLANS: To go across country in my 
trailer, then get a job doing bodywork 
and get married to Helen in a couple 
of years. 

Paula Maison 

TO REMEMBER: Freshman English 
class, when P. K. dropper her pocket 
book in the girls room, D. D. and P. K. 
in Me, C. M., M. M., S. C. in the 
library. TO FORGET: W.H.S. FU- 
TURE PLANS: Secretary. 

Alan Mann 


TO REMEMBER: Never being late for 
class until I met S. M., my Ford keeping 
me away from the activities I wasn't in. 
TO FORGET: Mrs. Mindell's senior 
English, French II, and all my math 
courses. FUTURE PLANS: To become 
successful in auto-body work and to 
own a ranchero. 



William Manning 


ACTIVITIES: Freshman football; Fam- 
ily Living Curriculum 2; Peer Group 
3, 4; Class '73; Picture Committee 3; 
Senior Class Play 4; NHS 4. TO RE- 
MEMBER: There are certain people I 
won't soon forget. Hopefully they know 
who they are. TO FORGET: I can't 
remember, I guess I already have. 
FUTURE PLANS: Go to college, major 
in Psychology, hopefully get a Ph.D. 
or become a psychiatrist, write a little. 

Margaret A. Markey 

ACTIVITIES: J.V. Softball 1; Business 
Club 2; Ski Club 3, 4; Patrons Drive 3. 
TO REMEMBER: Working for John 
Kerry, Kim, Barb, Carol, Marie, Jere, 
Bob, Ken, Mary, John, Junior Skip 
Day at Nahant Beach with Bobbi, Patti, 
Elena, Donna, Jeryl, Gay 90's meet 
swinging 70's (Your Fathers Mustache), 
hockey game at Boston Arena. TO FOR- 
GET: Tests, homework, lunches. FU- 
TURE PLANS: Go on to secretarial 

David Marshall 

MEMBER: Junior Sleepout, skipping 
over Mazz's, P. I., April 16, '72, a 1964 
Malibou. TO FORGET; French II, 
Boones Farm Apple, A 1964 Super 
Sport, C. R. B. L., Gym class. FUTURE 
PLANS: To further my education in 
drafting. To make B. D. into B. M. 

Linda Marie Marshall 

TO REMEMBER: Steve, rice pudding 
and Leachmere with flats, comparing 
notes with Kathie, lunch-runs and cut- 
ting gym with D. F., "Hot Lips", 
summertime, the Datsun, and quarts, 
7/18/72 and the Stones, L. B., "Three 
not two", the missing case. TO FOR- 
GET: Steve, clerical, 6/2/72, Fall '71, 
the Merrimack, HER. FUTURE PLANS: 
To do something that makes sense for 
a change. 

Anne Mathews 

Barbara Jean Maynard 

ACTIVITIES: Business Club 2; Travel 
Club 3. TO REMEMBER: January 2, 
1971, Bermuda, Camping 1972, The 
Senior Prom, Fearsome Threesome, The 
Gang, "Wally". TO FORGET: Flunk- 
ing Shorthand, C. B. and M. C, wreck- 
ing a certain fender. FUTURE PLANS: 
To marry Jim, get into office work, to 
stay happy, visit out WEST. 




A-V'^* ■■ 

d 'iv , < 

IfjM ,'■■■ 

• - -•'l 

^' :'' ■, 

.••.',-J,.-- ■ 




I i. 

Paul Mazzapica 

ACTIVITIES: Skipping 2, 3, 4. TO 
REMEMBER: Junior Skip Day, junior 
sleepcut, Cote's House on Friday nights, 
my house skip days. TO FORGET: 
Sophomore French II, Senior English, 
Algebra II. FUTURE PLANS: I'm go- 
ing to work but enjoy life while I'm 
at it. 

Herbert McCoy 

TO REMEMBER: Mr. Georgian's earth 
science class where you could sleep thru 
every class and still get an "A" for the 
year. TO FORGET: Mr. Fardy's Biology 
and Oceanography classes where you had 
all you could do to stay awake. FU- 
TURE PLANS: Learn mechanics and 
a little about lock-smithing. 

Dale McCulIy 

TO FORGET: How crowded the school 
was the last year. FUTURE PLANS: I 
will hopefully be a teacher of the 
mentally handicapped. 

Janice McGinley 

ACTIVITIES: Ski Club 1, 2; Majorettes 
J.V. Show. TO REMEMBER: Ski trips 
y. c. days, K. K., M. C, Mancinis, par- 
tying at Franks, Dave, Summer of '72 
the common, long talks with Barb 
studies 3, 4, my friends especially B. K. 
D. H., T. K., J. D., and my parents — 
who did their best. TO FORGET 
W.H.S. in general, dietetics — Bedford 
V. A. and Maggie, Saturday morning 
practices, Sundays 10-8, 3/17/72 CYO 
dance, school lunches, U.S. History with 
Mr. Fessenden, backstabbcrs and the 

Carol Ann McGondel 


ACTIVITIES: Travel Club 2, 3; Vice 
President. TO REMEMBER: Bermuda, 
Washington D.C., Dec. 7, 1971, The 
Gang, Prom, Graduation, learning to 
drive a standard — 4 speed. The Chevy. 
TO FORGET: Accident with my fathers 
car, elementary school year, all the 
stupid things I did when I was young. 
FUTURE PLANS: Visit Hawaii and 
Colorado, marry Richie, become a hair- 
dresser, learn to cook. 

Richard McGuiness 



I :,'/*' /'■'.v ■*-■.-.. VV.V-" \' 




Frank McLean 


ACTIVITIES: Hockey 1, 2, 4; Cross 
Country 2, 4; Track 1, 2; J.V. Show 3. 
TO REMEMBER: All my parties, Anne 
and U. Mass, playing in the state tour- 
ney, Kevin Nolan, haze'n it in roch's, 
"442", Mr. Kelley, getting loaded 2nd 
period, my Harley Hog and Brad, snot. 
TO FORGET: My junior year, the 
youth center, the office. FUTURE 
PLANS: Go to college and make tons 
of money. 

Jim McNally 

ACTIVITIES: Football 4; Basketball 3, 
4. TO REMEMBER: Football games, 
Sally McGiver's partys, tracks, Mytron. 
PLANS: College. 

Sandra McNevin 

ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 
4; Basketball 1, 2, 3; J.V. Show; Patrons 
Drive. TO REMEMBER: A. A. and I 
kidnapping D. B., F. M.'s Thanksgiving 
Party, Charlie, the common, ski trips, 
France, 7/10/71, Killington, Chen, Ali, 
and the gang, Friday and Saturday 
nights, Center Lodge. TO FORGET: My 
freshman year, getting caught, fights 
with a certain person FUTURE PLANS: 
To go on to school to teach Special Ed. 

Cathy McPhee 

ACTIVITIES: French Club 2; French 
Trip 2; Personal Type 3; Future Teach- 
ers 4. TO REMEMBER: Trying to find 
a seat at lunch. TO FORGET: Gym 
class and French skits. FUTURE 
PLANS: To graduate from college and 
become a nurse. 

Dana McQuaid 

The Little Man 

ACTIVITIES: Cross Country 1, 2, 3; 
Spring Track 1; Winter Track 2; Science 
Club 1, 2; Bridge Club 2; Outward 
Bound 3; Ski Club 4. TO REMEMBER: 
Biology I, the lunch room and every- 
body fighting to get on the left side 
of the table, Cross Country. TO FOR- 
GET: Mostly W.H.S. I'll give you a 

reason— *&(-•%#$*©%& 

FUTURE PLANS: Become a forestry 
major in college and try to do my best 
in anything I do. 

Linda McVicker 

ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; 
J.V. Capt. 2; Field Hockey All-Star 4; 
Basketball 1, 2, 3, Manager 4; Softball 
1, Manager 2, 4; Gymnastics 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Newspaper 3. TO REMEMBER: Field 
Hockey Championship, '7l-'72, Miss 
Soodla's Chem. Class, R. B., Pisces, 
(BS)'^ staff party in N. H. TO FOR- 
GET: giant gym classes, rash, English 
speeches. Basketball 4; Softball 3. 
FUTURE PLANS: Teach P. E., work 
with handicapped kids. 


•'<». v 


Robert Mickle 

Alfred Meegan 


Martha Meads 
ACTIVITIES: Photography 4; Chess 
Club 2; Rod and Gun Club 2; News- 
paper 3. TO REMEMBER: December 6, 
1970, skipping school with C. V. and 
A. F., the boys at the beach, the dead 
dog that was alive, looking for C. H. 
in Arlington, lighting a mattress on 
fire, hiding in A. F.'s house, the party 
when A. F.'s mother was in the hospital, 
R. B.'s PJ party, Boston, queers on the 
train, Tewks. Senior Prom, Mark wait- 
ing for me at the bus stop. FUTURE 
PLANS: To become a bum with Mark. 

Lois Miller 

ACTIVITIES: Jr. and Sr. U.C.Y. 1967- 
73 Treasurer and President. TO RE- 
MEMBER: Great men like Mr. Scanlon, 
Dr. Callahan, and Mr. Kelley, the birth- 
day parties and discussions with my 
lunch friends. TO FORGET: How I 
socially messed up my freshman year, 
I'm sorry D. C. (Professor Irwin) and 
others, homerooms, and waiting for 
marks on tests. FUTURE PLANS: To 
find out what the Lord plans for me, 
and to try to be a good friend to a lot 
of people. I want to make people smile. 

Ronald Mills 

Larry Morin 

ACTIVITIES: Baseball 1, 2, 4; Ski 
Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Trips to Switzerland 
and France 3, 4; J.V. Show 3; Patron's 
Committee 3, 4. TO REMEMBER: 
Trips to Europe, J.V. Show, D. J., Mr. 
Lynch's math classes, Halloween of 
19^0, Adventures of Dartmouth. TO 
FORGET: Ski trips to Enchanted, 
R.E.D., English 12. FUTURE PLANS: 
College, majoring in math and science, 
like to stay and live in New England. 



Philip Morrissey 

Kimba, Physical Phil, Stretch 
ACTIVITIES: Football 1, 3; Basketball 
2, 3, 4; Baseball 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3. 
TO REMEMBER: Stepped on Fred's 
toes with cleats on. TO FORGET: Fred 
Bellissimo, David Anderson. FUTURE 
PLANS: Play sports and to become an 

Charles Mosca 


TO REMEMBER: Biology I, Soodla's 
Sandbox, U.S. History's Submarine 
Fleet. TO FORGET: Cafeteria lunch 
lines, Algebra I. FUTURE PLANS: 
Enter college for Accounting. 

Kevin MuUarky 

Cheryl A. Murphy 


ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey 3, 4; Bas- 
ketball Cheering 3; Pier Group 3, 4; 
Basketball 4; Softball 2; J.V. Show 3. 
TO REMEMBER: S. M. parties, L. C, 
ski trips, common, J.V. Show, (New 
Year's "72"), sophomore year (My 
friends), Tull. TO FORGET: Freshman 
year, those backstabbers, Peter, my first 
time skiing. FUTURE PLANS: To be- 
come a nurse and be happy. 

James J. Murphy 

ACTIVITIES: Cross Country 1; Winter 
Track 3 (co-captain); Spring Track 2; 
Ski Club 3. TO FORGET: Mr. Fes- 
senden's History Class. FUTURE 
PLANS: College. 

Christopher Nee 

ACTIVITIES: Cross Country 2, 3, 4; 
Indoor Track 2, 3, 4; Spring Track 1, 
2, 3, 4. TO REMEMBER: Things flying 
around cafe. TO FORGET: Algebra 
and Geometry classes, "I can make you 
or break you". FUTURE PLANS: None. 


Gail Newcomb 

Mark Nelson 

ACTIVITIES: Baseball 1; Basketball 1, 
2, 3, 4; Soccer 2; Football 1, 4; J.V. 
Show. TO REMEMBER: Hanging 
around with Donny and George, thumb- 
ing to Hampton, junior sleepout, J.V. 
Show, long hair and Meryl, Summer of 
72. TO FORGET: Hanging around 
with Donny and George, two-faced peo- 
ple. FUTURE: Hang around with 
Donny and George, avoid the Draft. 

\ \ 

Chris Norton 

Lee O'Connell 

TO REMEMBER: Meeting Jackie when 
I was a freshman, always hope to stay 
close to my best friends. TO FORGET: 
Getting up at 6:00 every morning, 
working my hardest to graduate without 
seeing this place another year. FU- 
TURE PLANS: Becoming an airline 
stewardess, but most likely I'll get 
married and have a family. 

• »—• r ;. rv ^^%J■ 

Richard A. Nickerson 


TO REMEMBER: Beer wagon. The 
ROCK, Nov. 1, 1972, overnite ski 
trips, sleeping on W.H.S. roof and 
having Miss Haitas wake me up. TO 
FORGET: Jungle Jane, D. K., M. E., 
C. M., having nothing to do on w.eek- 
ends, being tortured by B. C. and A. H., 
lunches. FUTURE PLANS: To win 
$1,000,000 and retire. 

Paul Olson 

ACTIVITIES: Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Base- 
ball 1, 2, 3, 4; Wrestling 2; J.V. Show 
3; Patrons Drive 3, 4; Treasurer 3, 4. 
TO REMEMBER: J.V. Show, undefeated 
football 70 and 72, drinking parties, 
junior sleepout. TO FORGET: Being 
caught by Carol for skipping in Bos- 
ton, the lunch lady, English 4. FU- 
TURE PLANS: Going to college and 
becoming a pilot. 


. • 'A >. 


Karen Oteri 

TO REMEMBER: February 27, 71, 
Bob, all the good times we had together, 
a certain weekend up L. Winnepesauke, 
New Years Eve 72, Tea with Ma Cote, 
a certain party at Chickies house, Christ- 
mas 72, M. C, L S., B. K., C. S., A. B. 
and M. F. TO FORGET: March 13, 
1972, all the arguments Bob and I had. 
Graduation night of 71, a certain 
person. FUTURE PLANS: Get a good 
job, traveling, eventually getting married 
and living a happy life. 

Thomas Patenaude 
TO REMEMBER: Going to Switzerland 
72 and the parties we had there. 

Lisa Peiletier 

ACTIVITIES: Yearbook 4; Field Hockey 
2, 3; Drama Club 2, 3, 4; Senior Class 
Play 4; Junior Variety Show 3; Girl 
Scouts 1, 2, 3, 4. TO REMEMBER: 
People, G. S., onion rings, stoned? 
Cast Parties — 71 and 72, night in 
Boston, M&M's and Fritos, R. D., senior 
prom, Mitch, Raison, Detroit National 
Anthem, Dumpy, "up 2 over 1", Wein- 
berg's, "this is your mind speaking", 
4 pencils!, Ethel, the trash can at 
McDonalds. TO FORGET: W.H.S. 
FUTURE PLANS: School, travel. 


Jeanne M. Phinney 

TO REMEMBER: S.D.P., certain trees, 
those Friday nights, skip days, K. L.'s 
mix, the 25-mile walk, A. C. in French, 
the log by the tracks. TO FORGET: 
Yellow trucks, Type 3, the runaway, 
babysitting friends. New Years Eve 
1970, L. H. in D. J.'s car. FUTURE 
PLANS: To graduate, get a job, and 
be with Carl. 

June Pidgeon 


ACTIVITIES: Ski Club 1, 2; Art Club 
2; Wildcat 4; J.V. Show. TO REMEM- 
BER: J.V. Show, ski trips, hockey 
games, the Common, a certain person. 
Junior Skip Day, Sally's parties, lunches 
at Merph's house, I. D., how close our 
class was. Rick, T.V. TO FORGET: A 
certain night, after the J.V. Show, 
L. W., school dances, underclassmen, 
Sally's parties, backstabbers. FUTURE 
PLANS: I hope someday to be able to 
work with mentally retarded children. 

Roberta Pilcher 

ACTIVITIES: Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Secretary 2; Executive Board 3; Na- 
tional Honor Society 3, 4; Field Hockey 
2, 3, 4; Softball 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2; 
Ski Team 4. TO REMEMBER: S. M.'s 
parties, path to the library, flag pole 
swinging, ski trips. Field Hockey 71, 
the "cage", cigarettes during Field 
Hockey. TO FORGET: Freshmen- 
class of '74, French tests, Mr. Kelley's 
jokes, D. H., car accidents. FUTURE 
PLANS: College — translate for airlines 
or government. 


Pat Pintrich 

ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 
captain 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Soft- 
ball 1, 2, 3, 4; Ski Club 1; Yearbook 
4; NHS 4. TO REMEMBER: F-mobile, 
S.S.N.B.F., weekend at Diane's "Are 
you 21?", Field Hockey Champs, #10, 
H. B., Algebra I, Mother, Stonewall, 
Staties, Bengie, procrastinating. Doc's 
place, 15<f, Go!! TO FORGET: Ski 
trip to Enchanted, Yellow Hornet, 
Senior English, pulling out of the plaza, 
floods. FUTURE PLANS: Going to 
college and having a good time. 

^■r ■^i. -i*- -7** ' T" 





Patricia Poioian 

ACTIVITIES: High School Band 2. TO 
REMEMBER: Having studies 6th and 
7th in my junior year, and being able 
to go home at 12:15, the baby shower 
my Steno I class had for Mrs. Fitz- 
gibbons, the week of all the bomb 
scares, 70-71, L. P. TO FORGET: 
Lunch time, too many people in the 
halls. FUTURE PLANS: Possibly to go 
on to nursing, getting married to L. P., 
traveling before settling down, and just 
to enjoy life to the fullest. 

Donna Plummer 

ACTIVITIES: Arts and Crafts 3; Soft- 
ball 3; Travel Club 4; Spectator Sports 
2. TO REMEMBER: W.A.L.T., Mr. S., 
G. F., G. F., D. P., M. B., M. L., K. K., 
junior year, lunches. TO FORGET: Type 
III, W.H.S., football players, the food at 
lunch, M. M., M. G. FUTURE PLANS: 
Travel to different parts of the world. 

Martha Poioian 

ACTIVITIES: Majorette 2. TO RE- 
MEMBER: David, onion rings, Wake- 
field cemetary, New Years Eve '72, my 
dog. TO FORGET: The summer of '72, 
majorettes, Art III and IV, my fresh- 
man, sophomore, junior and senior 

Deborah L. Porter 
ACTIVITIES: J.V. Show 3; Home Ec. 
Club 1; Sports Spectators 1; Arts and 
Crafts 1; Work Study 1. TO REMEM- 
BER: Rick, M. B., M. L., D. P., G. F., 
M. B.'s parties, football games, "certain 
people" Charlestown, lunches, W.A.L.T., 
lockers, skipping. TO FORGET: Study- 
ing for tests, being a freshman, cheer- 
leaders, teachers, falling in D. P.'s pool, 
Sweetheart Plastics. FUTURE PLANS: 
I plan to join the peace corps. 

Alice Pratt 

ACTIVITIES: Ski Club 1; J.V. Show 
3; Prom Committee 3; Patrons Drive 
3, 4. TO REMEMBER My sister, J. K., 
J.V. Show, my friends, Halloween 72, 
T.S.H., Mancini's, Y. C, Studies, H. S. 
Lot, Sally's parties, common. TO FOR- 
GET: Dietetics, Bedford, backstabbers. 
FUTURE PLANS; To be happy in 
whatever 1 attempt. 


Janice Rando 

ACTIVITIES: Junior Variety Show 3; 
Talking and Laughing 1, 2, 3, 4. TO 
REMEMBER: Dances, J.V. Show, T. G., 
weekend of "1970", Mr. D.'s class. The 
N. R. Football game and "the Boards", 
"bowling", Patrons Drive. TO FOR- 
GET: My grades and a certain wolf! 
FUTURE PLANS: To go to art college 
and do" really good, to marry J. C. and 
not have 5 boys! to stay out of the 

Tom Rees 


ACTIVITIES: Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 
4; Chess 2, 3, 4. TO REMEMBER: 
Haus International, Rm. 248, German 
classes, Mr. Malay's English class, band 
rehearsals, bomb scares. Uncle Don, 
Marylou. TO FORGET: Old uniforms, 
chemistry, algebra, German gender. 
FUTURE PLANS: Entering college, 
leaving college, moving to a new place, 
getting married, getting into a high tax 

Jeryl Reinhardt 

MEMBER: 1972 February vacation, my 
three week party, 68 Blue Torino, "my" 
55 Chevy. TO FORGET: S. D., J. S., 
what happened to J. G. from Stone- 
ham. FUTURE PLANS: marry Domenic 
— someday! 

John Reitchel 


TO REMEMBER: Junior skip day. Fox, 
Teen, Barfer, Pete, Hooker, Gumby, 
Pube, Valley News Parties, my '64 
Plymouth, carnival, 18 Friday nights, 
bomb scares, parties down the tracks, 
playing cards, breakfast at Donut Vil- 
lage, the office and my pal H. G., my 
kidnapped trip to N.H. TO FORGET: 
Fuzzy, lunches. FUTURE PLANS: To 
make a million. 

% I ,i 

Mark W. Richards 


ACTIVITIES: National Honor Society 
3, 4; Baseball 2, 3, 4; Hockey 1, 2; 
Key Club 3, 4-Vice President. TO RE- 
MEMBER: Gym class with Jimmy 
Gillis and field day in 1971. TO FOR- 
GET: Taking the SAT's and achieve- 
ment tests. FUTURE PLANS: I want 
to go to college and study veterinery 

Deborah Romanski 
ACTIVITIES: Junior Variety Show; 
Student Government; Junior Class Pic- 
ture Committee; Yearbook; N.H.S. 4; 
Athletic Scholarship Committee. TO 
REMEMBER: Freshman blues, Paris, 
P. F., Scott, ping pong. Senior Class 
Play, Martha and Steve, concerts, Ann, 
Bill, Fessy. TO FORGET: French term 
tests, youth center, math, writing pro- 
jects. FUTURE PLANS: College, law- 
school, whatever. 




Glenis Ronan 

TO REMEMBER: Spanish I, Home Ec. 
I and II, not going to gym! TO FOR- 
GET: Mr. K's jokes. FUTURE PLANS: 
To become a Home Economist. 

George Rooney 

Elaine Rose 


ACTIVITIES: Ski Club 3; Travel Club 
3; Basketball Cheering 3, 4. TO RE- 
MEMBER: Cheering, J.V. Show, 
Sheila's, Mrs. Kanchuga, E, B, and K 
remembers H. H., Stak's party, skip- 
ping. Have's Car. TO FORGET: The 
sunshine, youth center, Steno III, De- 
tention. FUTURE PLANS: Dancing 
school, Airline Stewardess. 


Diane Rossi 

ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Ski Club 3, 4; Yearbook 4; J.V. Show 
3. TO REMEMBER; Field Hockey 
Championship '72, #12, "Are you 21?", 
weekend at cottage, '72 Prom, Rodney, 
■Go!", H-B, Mrs. Boudreau, The 
Routine, our J.V. Show, Mr. Fardy's 
classes, boatshow, "secure!", trying to 
beat B. D. in type III, "Luvies", hockey 
games at Billerica Forum, going to 
N.H., all my friends, Robin. TO FOR- 
GET: Mono, freshman year WOB- 
Kathcrins Gibbs, becoming a secretary, 

Martha Rounds 

ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey 2, 3, 4; 
Alpha 1; J.V. Show 3; Peer Group 3, 4; 
Student Government Day 3, 4; Concert 
Choir 3, 4; NHS 4. TO REMEMBER: 
The electrolyte experiment, Rostowe, 
Paris, Gunnar, J. Geils Band, my music, 
having Chris in school with me, the 
Rolling Stones, Maine, Cape Cod, "Pop" 
Warner et al. TO FORGET: Wellcsley 
forms, being Mono-Woman, cutting 
Steve's hair. FUTURE PLANS: "Be 
sure, be sure, we're going to do some 
splendid things!" — Rudyard Kipling 

Carol Russo 
TO REMEMBER: John's campaign, is 
the frog the farmer's friend? Dietetics, 
Barb, Karen, Marg, Mary, Kim and 
Marie, and Cookie. TO FORGET: Barb, 
Karen, Marg, Mary, Kim and Marie. 
FUTURE PLANS: Majoring in wise 
assin' and dentistry. 



David Salera 


ACTIVITIES: Chess Club 3, 4; Chess 
Team 4; Math League 4. TO REMEM- 
BER: Food fights with Wray, Chem 
gang in the library. TO FORGET: 
Mrs. Seidler's English class. FUTURE 
PLANS: College, possibly dentistry. 

Bernadette Sarchione 


ACTIVITIES: Softball 1; Field Hockey 
2; Business Club 2. TO REMEMBER: 
Mike, 11/5/71, 68 Camaro, Joan and 
her dynamite mustang, times Joan and 
I almost got caught, Canada, the beach, 
skipping school, Jayne, our special talks. 
TO FORGET: Cheering and the com- 
petition, strange people from Lowell, 
my freshman year, being stuck in the 
snow for six hours with Joan and Kevin. 
FUTURE PLANS: Live a happy life, 
travel, succeed in whatever I do. 

Richard Saulnier 


ACTIVITIES: Science Club. TO RE- 
MEMBER: My friends and all the good 
times we've had. FUTURE PLANS: I'd 
like to make a go at the boating in- 

Deborah Ann Scarano 


ACTIVITIES: Majorettes 4; Ski Club 
1, 2; Prom Committee 4; Junior Variety 
Show. TO REMEMBER: Snooky, June 
29, 1970, my friends, Salisbury, '71 
Senior Prom, weekends, summer of '70, 
B and R, lunch at Murps, TuU, D. H. 
porch, the rock, G.R.S. TO FORGET: 
August of '72, The Backstabbers, Sun- 
days, Majorettes, Y. C, fights with 
S. L., 5-10, Plum Island, N.H., Sunday 
Mass. FUTURE PLANS: To succeed in 
whatever I plan to do and to marry 

Susan Scaro 

Joseph Sciarappa 

ACTIVITIES: Football 2, 3. TO FOR- 
GET: Football camp, 41 comeback, 
splinters. FUTURE PLANS: Work, 
vocational school. 



Robert Scott 

Susan Semmler 


ACTIVITIES: Government Forum; 
Newspaper; J.V. Show; Ski Trip to 
France; Skip Days; Student Walkout. 
TO REMEMBER: 1st time Mr. Garrett 
wore a necktie. TO FORGET: Grange 
Hall Parking Lot. FUTURE PLANS: 
College (taking over the world). 

Deborah A. Shukis 

ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1; Drama Club 
2, 3, 4; J.V. Show; Senior Class Play; 
Wildcat 3, 4. TO REMEMBER: The 
"Weinberg" Gang, Saturday nite bowl- 
ing, L. P., P. S., P. W., D. F., R. H., 
M. W., R. D., B. C, J. K.'s sweater, 
walking barefoot thru Boston Common 
after dark with P. W., L. P., J. A., and 
M. D., 1/2/71, the chevy and D. M. 
TO FORGET: The bad times. FUTURE 
PLANS: College, to be a High School 
English teacher. 

Stephen Silva 

ACTIVITIES: Baseball 1, 3; Junior 
Variety Show; Patron's Drive. TO RE- 
MEMBER: Weekend down the tracks, 
Sal's parties, Junior Skip Day. TO 
FORGET: Algebra II, getting up for 
school. FUTURE PLANS: Alcoholic, 
Police Officer. 

Andrea Silverman 

ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey 1, 2, 3 
Softball 1, 2; Tennis 3, 4; Footbal 
Cheerleader 4; Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4 
Band 1; Prom Committee 4; Class 
Treasurer 2; Executive Board 3, 4 
Junior Variety Show; Patrons Drive 
3, 4; Yearbook 4. TO REMEMBER 
F-mobile, Algebra I, S.S.N. B.F., Field 
Hockey Champs, B. G.'s Halloween '70, 
cheering, J.V. Show, 8th grade, singing 
cakes, ski trips, painting. Thanksgiving 
'72, procrastinating. Prom '72. TO 
FORGET: Floods, Enchanted Ski Trip, 
chcm lab, Senior English. 

Lawrence Singelais 



Deborah Smith 

Gary Smith 

ACTIVITIES: Baseball 1, 2; Basketball 
1, 2, 3, 4; Soccer 3, 4; Family Living 
Committee 2; Ski Club 2; N.H.S. 4 TO 
REMEMBER: J.V. Show, sports, ski 
trip to France, Math classes, pool party 
at N. F. TO FORGET: Bad marks in 
French, French skits. FUTURE PLANS: 
Electrician apprenticeship. 

Patricia J. Smith 

TO REMEMBER: Saturday night bowl- 
ing, onion rings, stoned? FUTURE 
PLANS: Secretarial work, I hope. 

Sean Smith 

ACTIVITIES: Hockey 2; Ski Club 4; 
Avoriez France 1973; Patrons Drive 4. 
TO REMEMBER: M. Soodla's Chem 
lab. TO FORGET: School lunches, 
Algebra and Biology tests. Senior Eng- 
lish. FUTURE PLANS: Go on to col- 

James Spinney 
ACTIVITIES: Playing in a band on 
Activity Day. TO REMEMBER: Bomb 
scares as a freshman, summer school as 
a freshman and junior, forgetting to do 
my homework, playing tackle football 
at the North school with no pads and 
remembering crutches the next day, 
Junior Skip Day, but not skipping, 
garbage disposal underneath the cafe 
steps, the great hot lunches served. TO 
FORGET: All my teachers I had for the 
four years. FUTURE PLANS: Going 
to work. 

Dorothy A. Stewart 
ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey 2; Junior 
Variety Show 3. TO REMEMBER: Miss 
B's French II class, all the good times 
with my friends. TO FORGET: Hard 
tests, playing in only one full game 
during field hockey. FUTURE PLANS: 
To attend college and become a regis- 
tered nurse. 



James Stratton 

ACTIVITIES: Newspaper Staff 4; Na- 
tional Honor Society 4; Key Club 3, 4; 
Executive Board 3; Manager Varsity 
Basketball 4; Math League 4; J.V. Show 
3; Senior Class Play 4. TO REMEM- 
BER: The Math Department. TO FOR- 
GET: The crowded halls and lunch 
periods. FUTURE PLANS: College, pos- 
sibly teaching or research in math. 

Michael Sugrue 

ACTIVITIES: Freshman Baseball 1; 
J.V. Baseball 2; Varsity Baseball 4. TO 
REMEMBER: Salisbury beach in De- 
cember: TO FORGET: Going to New 
Jersey. FUTURE PLANS: Attending 
further school. 

Dennis Sullivan 

ACTIVITIES: Football 1, 2, 3; Hockey 
1; Wrestling 2, 3, 4; Chef Club. TO 
REMEMBER: Being serious, Mopar, 
Ray, Jack, Mark, Jack, Ricky. TO FOR- 
GET: Being serious. FUTURE PLANS: 
To run my own rehabilitation center. 

Pamela Sullivan 


John Sullivan 

Joseph C. Sullivan, Jr. 

ACTIVITIES: Cross Country I, 3. TO 
REMEMBER: Getting suspended for 
nothing. TO FORGET: English classes. 
FUTURE PLANS: Going into the Navy 
and becoming an electrician. 


Cynthia Swain 


ACTIVITIES: Chess Club 3; Spanish 
Club 2; Government Forum 2; Creative 
Expression 3; Wildcat Staff 4; Yearbook 
4. TO REMEMBER: Learning vocabu- 
lary, desperately trying to understand 
a French play. TO FORGET: Mathe- 
matical formulas, boring classes, con- 
stant PA announcements. FUTURE 
PLANS: College, travel. 

Robert M. Swisher 

ACTIVITIES: Soccer 3, 4, Captain. TO 
REMEMBER: Making the states in 
soccer my senior year, my big night 
down the tracks. TO FORGET: Missing 
the states by 1.22 percentage points in 
my junior year, everything about school. 
FUTURE PLANS: To be whatever I 
want to be. 

Thomas Szadis 

TO REMEMBER: Karen K. and the 
good times, English 3 and 4, skip days. 
TO FORGET: D. G. saying M.E.N.L., 
P.O.D., my car. FUTURE PLANS: To 
go to school for auto-body and some- 
day open a shop with J. S. 

John Trickett 


ACTIVITIES: Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; Cross 
Country 4; J.V. Show 3; Patrons Drive 
3, 4. TO REMEMBER: J.V. Show, 
S. M.'s parties, parties at the tracks, 
Junior Skip) Day, getting caught by 
Carol, skipping a field trip in to Boston, 
Trip to France, Hockey Championship 
70-71. TO FORGET: English 4, Math 
with Mr. Jones 1, 3, 4. FUTURE 
PLANS: To be successful in life and 
to become an electrical engineer. 

Allan Edwin Vanderley 

Big Al/Vandy 

ACTIVITIES: Cross Country Track 1; 
Winter Track 1, 2; Baseball 1, 4; Soccer 
2; Wrestling 3; "Wildcat" Cartoonist, 
Writer 4. TO REMEMBER: A certain 
special girl and the drafting class. TO 
FORGET: A certain girl and the year 
1971. FUTURE PLANS: What ever 
God permits. 

Carol Van Steensburg 

ACTIVITIES: Photography 3, 4; Work 
Study 4; Chess Club 2. TO REMEM- 
BER: Dec. 6, 1970, the R. F. club, 
Robin's party, sleeping over Martys' 
andAmys", my Tewk. friends, Mr. Len- 
tine and Mr. Keller, chewing tobacco, 
and skipping. TO FORGET: The Pledge 
of Allegiance in the morning, the stu- 
dent's parking lot, John Steinbeck, Mr. 
G's English class, Commonwealth Ave. 
FUTURE PLANS: To be a photo 


John Virtus 


ACTIVITIES: Football 3, 4; Wrestling 
2, 3; Spring Track 2, 3, 4; Junior 
Variety Show; Ski Club 3, 4. TO RE- 
MEMBER: Chelmsford game, Donut 
Village, J.V. Show, a chemistry teacher, 
Junior Skip Day. TO FORGET: A 
certain algebra teacher, football camp. 
FUTURE PLANS: To go out, make 
some money, and try to be a success. 

Gail Wagstaff 

TO REMEMBER: Not doing speeches 
for Mr. G., all three lunches, 3/5/71, 
having a '72 Roadrunner to drive two 
days after I got my license. TO FOR- 
GET: Gym first period on Monday, 
study alone 3rd, the Long Walk, waiting 
for my 10-speed. 

Robert Wagstaff 

TO REMEMBER 799, Enzo, Moses, 
Aardvark, the greasers, my '72 Tele- 
caster, cheeseburgers, bomb scares. 
Chuck Berry. TO FORGET: May 13, 
crawling in gym. Jingle Bell Rock, 
Dave's shiny shirt, Enzo's falling amp 
on Field Day. 

Michael Walsh 

ACTIVITIES: Soccer 3, 4; Freshman 
Football. TO REMEMBER: League 
Champs, Saturday nite after making 
States, Gay Corner, Prime Time: Flash, 
Gaylord, Buda, Amando, No. 19, 
Denise, June 8, 1972, Froggy's on 
Friday nites, Mazz's on skip days, junior 
sleep out, Donut Village in the Ram- 
bler-Scrambler, wrecking the 442, the 
Tracks, The Mytron Gang. TO FOR- 
GET: Blowing lunch at Mazz's. FU- 
TURE PLANS: To make a lot of money 
and retire early. 

Sandra A. Wawrzynski 


TO REMEMBER: Having those talks 
with Mr. Malay, L. P., gym class, lunch, 
always skipping 11th grade math class. 
TO FORGET: Having to go to gym 
first thing in the morning, having to 
go out in the freezing cold during the 
bomb scares, getting dumped in the 
snow. FUTURE PLANS: Become a 

Ronald Weatherbee 



Sandra Webster 


Willis Whalen 

ACTIVITIES: Soccer 1, 2, 3; Baseball 
1; J.V. Hockey 2. TO REMEMBER: 
The tree, the rocks, July-August 72, 
the hill, the wall, N.Y., November 71, 
bedding. TO FORGET: A March nite 
in Ballardvale. FUTURE PLANS: To 
go to college in Sydney, Australia. 

Donna Williams 

Gary Williams 

TO REMEMBER: Spanish I with G. D., 
Salisbury with M. W., P. M., J. I., 
parties at Sally M., Tracks on Friday 
and Saturday nites, skipping on activity 
days 71, wasting .30 for lunches, going 
to Jack N the Snatch on Friday and 
Saturday and Enzo there, the first 22 
hours of owning my race car and two 
tickets. TO FORGET: Miss Soodla, 
Oceanography and the Physics part, 
drinking in my "67" with D. K., M. W., 
and Cathy S., W.H.S. FUTURE PLANS: 
Earn enough money to keep my race 
car in gas, be a store manager for Fire- 
stone Tire and Rubber Company. 

Stephen Winston 

ACTIVITIES: Soccer 3, 4; Patrons 
Drive 3. TO REMEMBER: J.V. show, 
S. M.'s party, the tracks, C. K.'s pants. 
TO FORGET: General Math, Algebra, 
Junior Skip-day. FUTURE PLANS: To 
learn to fly, to travel. 


Paula Winters 

ACTIVITIES: Science Club 2, 3, 4; 
Math League 3, 4; Drama Club 2, 3, 
4; Senior Class Play; Field Hockey 1; 
Gymnastics 1, 3. TO REMEMBER: MD, 
ML, The Group, the umbrella (SD and 
JH), my party, the ships, star-gazing. 
Drama Festivals, 3/11/72, 12/23/71, 
little books, Potty, SR. TO FORGET: 
My sophomore year, my braces and 
nicknames, 3/4/72, 10/8/72. FUTURE 
PLANS: To be a veterinarian, get mar- 
ried, be happy and never lose touch 
with my friends. 

Michael J. Wolley 


ACTIVITIES: Band 1, 2, 3; Peer Group 
3, 4; Patrons Drive 3, 4; J.V. Show; 
J.V. Hockey. TO REMEMBER: S. M.'s 
parties, tracks, Paul being a Harry, The 
Kraut, skip day, skiing with D. G., 
May 13, guys, J. T., all my friends 
good or bad, Common '71. TO FOR- 
GET: Junior trip???, the parties I 
threw, my junior year, English 3 and 4, 
reading from my hat. FUTURE PLANS: 
To achieve my own personal goals, 
whatever way I want to. 

William R. Woodbury 

Bill, Woody 
ACTIVITIES: Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Sass 
Fel, Switzerland 1972; Alvaraze, France 
1973; Chess Club 1, 2, 3; Whist 3; 
J.V. Show 3; Wrestling 2; Patrons 
Drive 3; Ski Team 4. TO REMEMBER: 
J.V. Show, Sass Fee, R.E.D., P.O.D. 
with B. C, sawing Beth K. in half. 
TO FORGET: Algebra 2, M. J., English 
4, W. H. Studies, the lunch lady. 
FUTURE PLANS: To go on in life and 
earn a million dollars. 

Roger Worth 


Catherine Woodland 

ACTIVITIES: Work-Study; Field Hock- 
ey 1. TO REMEMBER: Mr. Grecoe's 
English Class, L. O., My best friends 
graduating before me. Small underclass 
men, M. R. TO FORGET: Miss Mc- 
Carthy's gym class. Study halls in the 
small cafe and High School dances. 
FUTURE PLANS: Going to California, 
owning a motorcycle and forgetting 

David G. York 

TO REMEMBER: France, Salisbury, 
Good Harbor Beach, Movies, Friday 
nights. TO FORGET: Mrs. Seidiers 
English class, "take the train". 


Barbara Zaverson 


ACTIVITIES: Business Club 1; Ski 
Club 3; Travel Club 3; Basketball 
Cheerleader 3; Football Cheerleader 4. 
TO REMEMBER: Liane's car, ski trips, 
studies, cheering practice. Thanksgiving 
Rally, Stak's party, B., K. and E. re- 
members 2 D. H.'s, H. H., Sheila's, the 
Cape. TO FORGET: Mrs. G., a certain 
beach party, my first basketball game. 

Alison Arnold 


ACTIVITIES: Basketball Cheerleader 1; 
Football Cheerleader 2; Basketball 2; 
J.V. Show; Patron's Drive 3, 4; Ski 
Club 1, 2, 3, 4. TO REMEMBER: 
Kidnapping Buckeye, Sally's P.J. party, 
B. W., Greg, J.V. Show, my freshman 
year. Egg Rock, France ski trip. TO 
FORGET: Youth Center, P. T., Sun- 
days, Rest Area, sophomore year, Steve 
L., telephone bills, DeMoulas, Spanish 

Seamus O. Berkeley 
Bye bye high school 

Nancy Hall 
Nance or Alkie 

ACTIVITIES: Future Teachers 3; Cro- 
chet Club 2, 3, 4. TO REMEMBER: 
Weekends, the "bomber," summer 
parties, small talks, telephone calls, 
MacDonald's, summer friends, Dunkin' 
Donuts and Silver Lake, WH from N.J., 
the Gang." TO FORGET: "Tricky 
Dicky," gym class, study with Mrs. 
Boudreau, falling downstairs the first 
day at school, work, hassles, long lec- 

Kim James 

TO REMEMBER: A trip to the White 
Mountains, N.W.D.S., Junior year, 
EK. TO FORGET: A freak show with 
NR, PC's party, a car accident. FU- 
TURE PLANS: To travel, be happy 
and free. 

Diane Juergens 
ACTIVITIES: Gymnastics 1, 2. TO 
REMEMBER: Skiing and Plum Island 
with SR, Senior Prom with WA, DW's 
cottage, my first date with RL, nite 
JF gave SP a piece of his mind at 
McDonald's, working at IRS with JH 
and at A and A with JC. TO FORGET: 
SP himself, nite DW told me she had 
to move, sleeping over DW's house 
and falling in the swamp on the way 
to school-, nite JC got sick at Kitty's. 
FUTURE PLANS: Get a good job, 
marry RL at the right time, be happy. 

Bruce McMillan 

ACTIVITIES: Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Un- 
defeated 2, 4; Spring Track 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Winter Track 1, 2. TO REMEMBER: 
Good friends and good times. Soph, 
drinking party, our Great J.V. Show, 
painting the bleachers blue and then 
they were covered with aluminum. TO 
FORGET: Senile supervisors with ridi- 
culous rules and regulations. FUTURE 
PLANS: Attending college and joining 
the American Society. 

Sally Stone 

ACTIVITIES: Band 3; Peer Group 2. 
TO REMEMBER: B and E at the beach, 
summer kitchen, weekends at the Lesbo 
Shuman, Skuttelimyos and Wardgruts. 
TO FORGET: The Band as it is, the 
fights, the pushing, shoving, screaming 
yelling and myself. FUTURE PLANS: 
To get out. 

Alice Baker 
Brian Beville 
Joseph Breau 
David Dalessandro 
Donna DeBenedictus 
Robert Duggan 
Wray Falwell 
Daniell Fantasia 
John Flaherty 
William Gallagher 

Michael Griffin 
Robert Hamilton 
Kathleen Hildreth 
Allan Jansen 
Fred Johnson 
John Jordan 
Arthur Keefe 
Robert Martin 
Richard Mattucci 
Michael McCormick 
David Miller 
Steven Moore 
Betty Murphy 
John O'Connell 
Michael O'Donoghue 
Richard Peters 
Dawn Peterson 
Steven Sabre 
Colin Scovil 
Gary Stover 





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